Just a Minor Influence

I was sleeping on my small but comfortable bed when I felt the breezes of the midnight winds flow by, it caught me off guard a little but I eventually got up to close the window. I then realised the window wasn’t closed to begin with. Suddenly a hand in mittens grabbed my face and slammed it against the nearby wall with somewhat mercy…

Then I saw the figure in the raincoat, the one who started all of this. They put their hands over their gas mask and shushed me. I noticed sharp bones sticking out from behind the gas mask and red hair behind it and immediately started to panic and fight back.

The figure quickly punched me in my face and said with an ominous female Russian accent, “Shut up, do you wanna be killed by an intruder… and I don’t mean myself, buddy that’s edgy.”

I shook my head calmly and they let go and spoke up, “Well then hide in a hiding place that’s not stupid and I’ll… deal with them.”

Meanwhile the intruder quietly came in and grabbed a nearby kitchen knife. They sighed with remorse and headed up the stairs. I hid behind the washing machine as I was slightly squished and thought with tears in my eyes, “Am I gonna die tonight?”

I wondered who it would be to do the deed fearfully but was interrupted by thuds, crashes and grunts followed by a scream.

“AAAAaAaaAuggHH,” I heard and my body tensed as someone burst through the laundry door. It made me gasp revealing my spot, so the intruder grabbed my violently and pulled me into a position ready to snap my neck with one arm. The other arm was bent nearly all the way around and their was several blisters and bones pieces sticking out of it. They was severely bleeding from the mouth to the chin, so they struggled to breathe calmly.

The image made me gag and cringe as the figure came through the door with only a rip in their raincoat. They weren’t even injured at all and I could tell they were smiling.

“S-ss-Stay back or he dies… I-I-I swear I’ll kill him,” the intruder said with fear and tears.

“I already know that,” is all the figure responded with, they pulled out some kind of spray and a lighter. That’s when I noticed the room was unnoticeable covered in gasoline. With all my might I tried to yell stop but the deed was done. They sprayed the fluid over the lit lighter and the room erupted in flames.

“My life is over,” I thought but I had a chance the building had been burning for at least 6 minutes, but I clinged to life most of the apartment building was filled with ashes and rubble. I made my way through the rubble and stone as I struggled to breathe, but then I saw the figure looking for me, their raincoat and other clothing were ruined except for their mask And they were still not injured at all.

I knew within they tried to save me but then they had to make this huge risk just to kill the intruder and save me. I felt like it was only because I was youth, either way then My eyes grew sore and I fell limp and passed out.

Some time later I woke up in a hospital bed the doctors were surprised I survived 130° and growing heat… they thought it was… impossible, even though I survived my body was heavily damaged with burn marks and scars all over.

My eyes grew with tears as they told me my parents were presumed dead in the fire, but I were surprised at the funeral when I was looking through the gifts and notes blessing me, and supporting me for staying strong during the event when I found a little moist red note that simply said:

“I will be back to claim your fate.”

I gulped and hoped that day would never come.