Jane Wants to Wake Up

It was a week after her funeral.

Jane’s dad, Liam, didn’t know how to cope with the loss his daughter. He is still afraid to get in the car after the accident. Was it his fault? Should he be in prison instead of the drunk driver? He was a science engineer. Trying to figure out artificial intelligence, he couldn’t let his coworkers down, no matter how much he wanted to stay by Jane’s grave.

A year after. He couldn’t take it any longer. He decided to quite his job and spend his time creating an almost exact robot replica of his daughter. The only difference was her skin, which he never was able to recreate the colour. So it was the only noticeable difference.

After he finally brought it to “life”, Liam slowly began loosing his sanity. He started to use her old clothes on the robot, using some of the dirt Jane was buried in to eat.

Liam Finally snapped. He gave robot Jane real life, by going to her grave, late at night. The moon was shining in the night sky. No one would suspect just a normal man in the graveyard. He didn’t know what he was doing.

He didn’t understand.

He couldn’t.

Even if he wanted to.

He took Jane’s heart out of her body, and inserted it into the robot.

“Jane” began to think things.

She wasn’t supposed to think them.

She wasn’t supposed to think anything.

One thing that bothered her was the fact that Jane couldn’t feel anything, and she was getting desperate.

It started small.

Jane first began to kill bugs, then mice, then cats, soon there were many animals buried in her and her dad’s backyard.

A year later of being an empty husk, Jane lost it, she killed her dad.

Liam is dead.

Jane ran out into the woods after she still felt nothing.

Nothing worked.

Jane, as she was running to the woods, she stumbled across her old grave. Jane stopped.

Dear in her track, she heard the police, there was no time to lose.

‘The ground.’

She thought

‘I’m in the ground. Father lied. He woke me up. I was sleeping and he woke me up.’


‘He didn’t.’

‘I’m not awake. I was asleep and he infiltrated my dream. That’s why I can’t feel anything.’

‘I want to wake up.’

Now Jane stays in the forest, killing the ones alone, to try to feel something. Anything.

Jane wants to wake up.

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    It needs some work but it can be a good story

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  • DannyPhantom79

    Not bad dude