I Survived Jeff the Killer

Hello. My name is TomBoy and this is how I survived probably one of the most terrifying things that has ever happened to me.

It all started about three weeks ago. I woke up on a normal morning to find some not so normal black hair covering the top of my blanket. At first I was only freaked out but I got a whole lot more scared when my friend Sam went missing that same day.

I was just about to fall asleep the next night when my friend Makenzie texted me and said Jeff the Killer was at her house. I didn’t believe her at first but soon remembered the black hair on my bed and that Sam had gone missing.

I cried and shook in fear if what was going to happen next. I talked to Jeff on Makenzie’s phone. His voice felt chilling and sick. He admitted to watching me. He said he enjoyed “The way my corpse looked”.

I told him if he let her go he could take me instead. Makenzie texted me after he left to tell me she was going to fight him. I told her not to but she didn’t listen. She didn’t reply for all the next day. I was paranoid beyond belief. Especially because I was always home alone.

Every noise was my worst fear. My skin crawled at the idea of Jeff taking me and making me his proxy. I refused to give up though. I messaged several people who had said they could help with Creepypasta issues. One of them was a girl named Toby. She helped me learn how to escape from Jeff. That night when we were talking I heard someone whispering outside my bedroom window.

Then someone laugh. I told her Jeff was here. She instructed me to run. But I turned on the lights and had my mom come sit with me. She was proud of my quick thinking. Over the next two days more of my friends went missing including Toby who was now my new girlfriend.

Makenzie texted me that she was in he hospital and that Jeff was there in the room. He talked to me again. I threatened him and he just hurt Makenzie. Eventually he dumped her almost lifeless body outside the hospital. One by one my friends started coming back and Jeff became more scarce. Occasionally I hear the whispers or there is an open door I’m positive I closed. Either way. I survived Jeff the killer.

  • CaptainSwan28

    OK to start off; no details whatsoever, also who would “cry and shake in fear” of supposedly a rumored “Jeff the Killer”? I’m sorry, but it’s true, keep writing though you have a nice start.

  • SunBro7337

    This is bad. None of it makes sense. Please try something original next time. Thank you.

  • Kayla

    It makes no sense. Absurd.

  • Amber Nicole Butcher

    Needs a lot more detail and very unoriginal :/

  • Aya

    I loved it❤️❤️❤️ and to all the haters no one forced you to read it

    • Edz

      Its called constructed criticism

      • DillyBoiInDaHud

        Actually its called constructive criticism, not constructed. (dumba**)

        • Edz

          Looks like billy girl is getting banned

          • Lucas Milliken

            Lol I was just scrolling nice come back bro 😂👊

    • GhostRaven

      Well the reason why they dont like it is because it boring, unoriginal, and dumb

  • Jed

    1/5 Boring nonsense that sounds like it was rushed by a kid in a creative writing class who procrastinated until the last night to write a writing assignment.

  • Alexandros Cubby Doane

    I don’t understand… Especially the end. You threatened him so he almost killed your friend, then returned all your other friends and dissapeared? What??

  • GhostRaven

    Just another Jeff the Killer fanfiction

  • Zoe Zombie

    The whole story is great and all but the ending, it was bad. No one just survives a Jeff the killer attack like that. If he keeps watching u and there’s door that weren’t open that r now open, you did not survive. The worst is yet to come. But as I said the whole thing was great but not the ending.