I Had Something Happen for Real

Today I was being chased by the Rake, literally! If I had my phone I would have taken a video, but I left it at home……..

It was a normal night walking home…but it felt off, I was walking with two friends, they saw it too…..but they got to their house before mine, mine was on the next block which should of scared the s### out of me but it didn’t and I didn’t know why. The Rake ran but slower than the Rake should have ran, it let me go a head. I stopped about 5 houses away from mine and I turned around but nothing was there except a knife with my name wrote with…..um…black goop. I picked it up and put it in my backpack, I then walked home slowly and sat down and listened to music in till my Parents got home then I went in my room, and now I’m here writing this because it seemed like something to share. I still feel weird…like a tugging feeling, I feel like so close to be doing something that I shouldn’t…..last year I had the same feeling and I stabbed someone with a safety pin…..so much for them being safe…hehe…(This is before now, this is the beginning of my friend’s journal. This is not me who is saying this, well it sort of is but my friend…my friend Zoey, wrote this before she disappeared during my little brothers birthday. I’ve been searching for her since, I wish I could find her…but I have the feeling I shouldn’t be wanting to find her, but I’ll write the rest that’s in her journal.) So I’ve been invited to my friends brothers birthday party, but she said we could go in her room for a bit in till the camping trip started, so I agreed. I had a ton of fun in Rose’s room playing Black Ops!(Btw I’m Rose) But then we had to leave for the camping trip, so me and Rose packed our stuff up and jumped in the car and Rose’s mom drove us to the spot! It looks like its going to be fun, I’ll write more in the morning! Bye! (So that was the last thing she wrote before disappearing. I wish she wrote more but we had to go to bed so we could explore the next day. But that day never came…which was sad. Zoey’s still missing, so if you see a girl with white hair and light blue eye’s tell me immediately! Please, I need her and….she needs me. Oh, and if you see me, I have purplish brown hair and greenish blue eyes. Thank you for reading and if you do see her and tell me, thank you! Your the best! I miss her so much…..I wish I could find her myself, but I’m under strict rules right now and their the worst rules ever! That’s why I’m coming her to tell you, your lucky enough if you even made it this far into this reading. Thank you again! Bye.

  • Courier___6

    Seems real, but I honestly doubt it

  • Simon

    Cohesion? Focus? What are these?
    …Can I smoke ’em?