Haunted School

This happened back in elementary…

I used to go to this school (I’m not telling you the name) and it’s great. My two older brothers used to study there too. But there were some secrets and oddities in this place that I, myself, cannot see. My third eye is not that active to be honest, but a few of my classmates has active ones. Most of the females though.

I love it when we’re doing absolutely nothing during class hours, but to ease my boredom, I ask my classmates to tell me a bunch of ghost stories they have experienced or seen. Most of the girls, told me about the school’s haunted grounds.

The school was so huge, I think it’s as big as 2/3 of a football field, I think. It was rumored that this school used to be a cemetery a long, long time ago. They rebuilt the place and became a hospital, and hospitals have hundreds or even thousands of patients who died there. They rebuild another building after the hospital which is a church. Churches are very quiet, so this place can have a lot of roaming ghosts around and probably the most numbered.

After the church, it became our school. I don’t know how long it has stood on that very ground,  but I know it is as old as more than 20 years.

Now, I remembered a lot of ghost stories about that place and they are true, since my eldest brother experienced a creepy day in there himself.

His story was when he was still in 6th grade. It was their closing party (sort of like a graduation inside the classroom) when he went for a quick bathroom break. It was dark at the very end of the halls, and luckily the bathroom was there. He entered the bathroom when he noticed a woman standing inside by the windows (he was facing her back). He tried to call her with a psst. But he soon realized, he shouldn’t have tried to call her, so he made a run for it.

He realized, it’s not just a lady. He said that woman has black hair, reaching to her waist, she was wearing an all black dress, and her skin is kinda darker than a normal person’s is (I’m not being a racist). I figured out,  it must’ve been a Black Lady or the Woman in Black. They’re face features are very macabre, it’s a good thing she didn’t turn around or else my brother could’ve been traumatized.

He got a proof. He had a picture in our laptop, he was drenched in sweat. He ran as fast as he could and made him really scared and I think to this very day, that woman is still haunting the school.

My classmates saw her actually in 4th grade. One of them said she saw her near the boy’s bathroom, same as where my brother saw her. Another, saw her crawling on all fours, UP THE CEILING. I was beside her when she saw that. She went all pale and so did I, since I cannot see that creature and it freaked me out.

In 4th grade, I was just going down the 2nd floor after an early dismissal. I was going to talk to my Math teacher whose faculty was on the second floor. I checked the whole hall, but it was all empty. I mean literally. All the classrooms, corridors, bathrooms, EMPTY. The classrooms were creepy, since they are dark inside. I hurried to the stairs but something totally made me jump. One door, slammed shut with full force that it echoed throughout the building. And guess what? It came from the 2nd floor.

I hurried down the stairs, I was almost going to piss my pants after that jumpscare. But how can a door slam shut that strong if all of them were shut close? Plus, the doors are very hard and heavy that you have to use both arms and knees to open it. Weird right?

Until to this very day, it still is a mystery to our school…

  • Stephanie Reynolds

    Horrible grammar and wording with no plot. Also, you said you went to a “huge school” and then compared it to being the size of 2/3 of a football field. Which would be an absolutely TINY school.

    • Creeper

      Maybe it was huge for the author

  • Creeper

    Well it wasn’t really that scary and there were mistakes so I can’t say I wasn’t disappointed since this pasta has got a good rating.But overall it wasn’t bad.I’d give it 6.5/10

  • Jacqueline Williams

    Needs some work. 🤔