Haunted Hitler Effigy

My names Carl, I have a story to tell you. I was In an old thrift store in a deserted town to see what worth it had. Some pretty interesting stuff man, old world war 2 stuff, It was antique and I was interested. I was talking to the owner of the store and I said how I was interested in world war items. I nearly checked half of the antiques in the store. I bought stuff and was heading out when he said he would give me a free item, a Hitler effigy. A big wooden statue with a uniform from a real Nazi looking like Adolf Hitler. I hesitated but he said it was offending some customers so I decided to get it, I mean it’s free come on. I get outside to my van and start packing things in. Today is a good day.

When I got home I packed the small things first into my collection room, but I still didn’t know what I was gonna do with a Hitler effigy. I was intrigued on how it got there so I did some research.

…It blew my mind.


They literally publically hung the statue and threw rocks at it during the end of the war.

I look at the effigy and notice it has been dented and worn out. I was shocked and when I looked at the statue, it’s like it looked at me.

I put the effigy leaned against the wall and I went to bed.

The next morning I got up and went to work, when I got home I take a glance and notice there is blood on the floor. At first I think, it’s my dog from chewing on her bone, I checked my dog and there was no blood marks on her gums or bone. I notice the blood trails back to the collection room. Oh hell no, I got my shotgun from my bedroom and burst in the room. Blood on the walls written, “Achtung, Mein Führer,” I called the police and they take my house for a full week investigation. They claimed it was a stalker and that I should leave, he also pointed out that he could have been angered by my collections. I’m out of there, I was wealthy enough to move out and go live somewhere else .

1 week later.

Strange things were happening. One day the Hitler effigy has been having liquids pouring out onto the floor, when I was cleaning my room I heard echoes and cries of men. Sometimes shouting. It was that moment I knew it’s time to get rid of my collections, I went to bed.

I woke up in the middle of the night to my dog barking, I get out of my room to see the statue in front of the living room with the Nazi salute. I totally froze. Right beside it were pictures of Adolf Hitler. “SIEG HEIL, SIEG HEIL,” My TV turns on and shows Hitler’s men marching and shouting “SIEG HEIL!”. I grab my dog and I got the hell out of there! I forgot my keys, damn it! I run inside and the statue was gone, only leaving by a note below the keys, I grab it and run back to the car and I drove off.

I got to a gas station and I opened up the note.

“Dearest Carl, Please know that God is with us, do not be afraid of us, hail victory, and remember I am still alive.”


I am no longer a collector, I am now a paranormal investigator, I am glad I got rid of the effigy and all my other collections, I went to a Baptist church and got saved. If I want to fight off ghosts I have to be holy. Sometimes I hear the marching band through a static radio.

I looked in the newspaper today and I saw an article

“Local Hitler effigy found in city dump, Officials are going to obtain it and bury the effigy in Auschwitz.”

  • Brandon Barrett

    Definitely the worst story I’ve read.