“Guess Who Missed?”

On the outskirts of Nevada, drove a vague man. His eyes were jaded as a malevolent killer, seeming to stalk his prey.

On the dirted road walks a homeless man covered in dust. His torn, rigid coat barely covered nor fit him properly. It appeared to be a few sizes to small.

The Vague Man takes notice.

‘No shoes.’ The Vague Man thought.

‘No home.’ He thought twice.

‘Why not?’ He thought thrice.

‘Let’s do it.’ The Vague Man decided.

Slowly turning the wheel of his 80’s Dodge Charger, the Vague Man parks slightly far from the homeless Fellow Man. He resumes to cautiously move out and walk to the Fellow.

“Hello,” The Vague stated more than spoke. The Fellow stares immensely into the eyes of the Vague just as the Vague stared into the Fellows.

‘Two worlds we live,” The Vague Man presumed into his thoughts.

“Why did you stop?” The Fellow asked allowing the Vague to snap back to reality.

“What?” The Vague Man bluntly asked.

The Fellow sighed and hesitantly started walking away.

“Hey!” The Vague Man stopped him.

“Mhm,” The Fellow Man responds with a slight grunt in his tone.

“Come on with me. I can give you a place to sleep for tonight. I rather not see what goes on at night here,” The Vague Man said with a stern look on his broaden face.

The Fellow Man grinned. ‘Such kindness,’ he thought.

“Are you sure? I’ll just be in the way,” The Fellow said with slight expression of concern spread across his elfin face.

“No, it’s fine. Come on,” The Vague Man motioned the Fellow to follow him. As the Fellow buckled up, he was smiling from ear to ear happily.

Along the road, they engaged in small talk. However; the Vague Man only received hums and head shakes from the Fellow.

“Do you live around here?” The Vague Man asked. A nod was given from the Fellow. “Do you have a family?” The Vague Man asked. A shrug was received. “Have you been like this your whole life?” The Fellow looked towards the Vague Man and smiled.

“I guess you could say that.”

Nearly an hour drive, they arrived at the Vague Man’s home.

“Are you sure you want me to stay?” asked the Fellow. The Vague Man looks toward the Fellow. “Yes, I’m sure.”

The Vague Man pulls his keys out from his pocket, after a slight struggle. He opens the door and steps away for the Fellow.

“Are you sure you want me in there?” The Fellow asked.

“Yes, I’m sure,” The Vague Man said hesitantly.

The Fellow steps inside, as does the Vague. The Vague Man locks the doorknob and deadbolt.

To a surprise the Vague Man turns to see that the Fellow is not there.

“Where are you at?” asked the Vague Man slightly loud.

“Kitchen,” replied the Fellow quietly.

The Vague Man walks toward the kitchen.

“I see, I guess you’re hungry. There’s–” The Vague Man feels a sharp impact on his stomach. Looking down, he catches a glimpse of a large object that he had been impaled with. Now holding the object is the Fellow.

The Vague Man falls to the floor and screams. As if that will make the pain to away. He reaches to his belt and pulls his gun.

“I-I-I’ll shoot y-you!” The Vague Man struggles to breathe.

“You wanted me in,” The Fellow inches closer.

“I-I’ll shoot y-y-you!” The Vague Man stutters again.

“You wanted me in,” The Fellow inches closer, quickly.

” I will shoot You!” The Vague Man yells furiously.

The Fellow Man stopped and smiled.

“You’ll miss.”

The Vague Man lifts his gun unsteadily.

The Fellow grins and puts his arms up.

“Alright, then shoot.”

The Vague Man aims his gun, closes his eyes, and grits his teeth.


Small laughter could be heard near the Vague Man.

“Guess who missed?”