Growing up

Seeing grotesque creatures in children’s drawings?

Bound to happen.

Seeing those creatures with your own naked eye?

Not normal, but it happens. But sometimes there’s a line that needs to be drawn.

When I was about 4, this is where these memories began to stick. I grew up in a little apartment with my mother and father, before they broke up three years later. My father worked, and my mother did things with other people, so I was in my room most of the time. I had a simple imagination. I thought I could bring my characters and cartoon characters to life. In my mind, I did. But I also knew that I was the only one in my room. Until one day, I was imagining SpongeBob, and I wanted to stop playing. So I did my little dismiss thing with my imagination (which was this hand swipe things that people did in like sci-fi movies with the futuristic computers) but SpongeBob wouldn’t leave. I didn’t think much about it until more and more of the characters like my Alicai, were not leaving. They would play with me and they would literally pick me up and allowed me to fly around my room. It was a dream come true, I was playing with my favourite people in the universe.

Then the dreams started. They showed my favourite characters, but their bodies was melting. Then these creature, blood down their mouth, jagged teeth, no eyes, no nose, a body that looked like a rat has been starving for months. They were disgusting to look at. But the fearless child I was, walked close to them and the blood on their teeth that was running down their jaws, their outstretched jaws, was fresh. I continued to walk to them, until they moved to let me see. I saw, my mother’s body, her head completely gone, but had been squirting blood. Then my father, he looked at me as if I was going to hurt him. His limbs were gone and he was just bleeding out, screaming at me to stay away. I wanted to help, but my body wouldn’t move. I couldn’t move at all, then I saw a mouth go over me.

Then I woke up, falling out of my bed, having a seizure. My parents came into my room and rushed me to the hospital. They were scared that I had hit my head too hard against the floor, I didn’t. I told them this exact dream. Each detail. Even the doctor brushed it off. I started to scream for them to listen to me and he marked me off as early case of schizophrenia. He gave my parents medicine for me to calm down and not see the monsters anymore.

We came home, they gave me the pill and told me to rest up. I laid in my bed for countless hours, trying to sleep. The monsters began to come out after it had hit 6 o’clock at night. I looked at them, they looked back as they looked like my characters, but they all stoned face. I told them to leave me alone. They didn’t. SpongeBob, he picked me up and showed me his eyes were gone and had blood down it. Then the Danny Phantom characters, then the super heroes. I didn’t see what happened next because I was swooped up but someone, holding close in a corner, close to the ceiling, and I was facing their chest. He whispers that he won’t let them get me and my family. Inhuman growling was heard and my parents came in and saw what I could see, their real forms. My mother slammed the door and called my dad to come get us and to bring a gun. My mother readied herself as I was already protected. The person allowed me to look at him, it was Alicai, my character. He was holding me close at they started to attack him to get me. He groans in pain as he holds me tighter. So tight I blacked out.

After a while, my parents had taken me to my grandparents place and we just had moved in. I was deeply confused until I heard my closet door open to show Alicai. Alicai, a teenage boy with horns and wings of black. I knew he was a demon. But he was a demon that has protected me. He told me what happened. Then he disappeared after then, making me know I was safe. I still see the creatures, and him. He kills them before they can get me again. But the nightmare didn’t stop there as I continued to grow. But I am still diagnosed with schizophrenia. So I don’t believe what’s in front of me somethings. I still hear the screeching and nowadays, I hear languages that I have never heard before spoken to me in my ear every night. They are still after me. They are going to kill me. They are going to release him.