I don’t want to call this a scary story. Not because it’s not scary, but because it’s about me.

I have a very, COMPLICATED life. I see things no other people see. When I was 8, I had a friend. Not a friend like at school, and she wasn’t my ONLY friend. She was a spirit. I’ve always been able to see ghosts and it’s very hard to live without them.

This one showed up in my mirror one night. She was lost and had no one. I didn’t know better at the time, but we became friends. I told my grandma and she wasn’t surprised or amused.

She told me I had to send her up into heaven. She didn’t belong here, her family was waiting for her to arrive. I told her and soon she left.

Most can say my life was normal after that, but that’s when my 6th sense was growing stronger. I started interacting with the spirits. I would pretend to go to their world, and who says I didn’t? I got into the paranormal and creepypasta, stuff like that. It’s kinda the reason why I have this app.

My parents said not to mess with that stuff, it’s like opening a door to the underworld. The problem is, I’ve already welcomed them in. Bloody Mary rumors went around, the kids who said she wasn’t real, she got furious at. I tried to keep her calm but- but I was too late. The next week a kid I knew was sent to the hospital with HUGE scrapes on his back with BM written. I had a crush on that guy. Anyways, in 7th grade, Charlie Charlie went around. Every time somebody would play around me, he would stare with a smile at me. Waiting for me to call him. Knowing me I was tempted, tempted to use my gift my mother had given me to stop him. But that’s what he wanted, he WANTED me to be exposed! He didn’t care if it made me look crazy, he just wanted me dead.

In 8th grade a little girl with a cliché look haunted me. She would put me through torture, especially through my worse times. Waking up just to die again and again. She strangled, drowned, and dismantled me. I had enough and told my parents. My mom told me something that I should’ve known before, considering I’m an honors student.

She was under a lot of pressure when she was pregnant with me. She sees what I see. She knew the demons were there as we spoke, she knew what they were doing. She had the same problems when she was my age, but she didn’t have anyone.

That night I was visited by the big guy in the sky. The girl was trying to ruin other lives. I dragged her back to me and know she can’t escape. Nobody will go through what I go through. That is my purpose. I will use my gift to stop those who mean bad.

If it wasn’t for my gift, I wouldn’t be the person I am today. The performing arts, paranormal, confident parts of me, don’t come from anywhere. The best songs are the ones that make you feel something. The ones that make you dance. They tried taking that from me. The spirits who first visited me as a baby, think I shut them out. But I’ll never forget them. I know I’m not exactly from here. What I’ve seen is more than I know. If you ever wonder why you feel as if someone has taken something, like a bad presence, it was me.

I will be a freshman in 2 weeks. I see TV shows who fake encounters, but I’m not faking. As I write this, millions are looking at me. As I fight them, you guys look at me, but you can’t see them. What’s REALLY going on. I hope someday, you will have my gift.

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    This is my story hope u enjoy💜 ALL TRUE