Forest Beast P2

It is a dark and foggy night in a clearing of the woods. As you try to go to bed, you hear a scream coming from the woods. You take a look out your window and see it, a very tall, thick, looking, monster. You lock all the doors and windows and turn off all the lights and aim your gun at the door.You call the cops and they say it will take about 20 minutes to get through the thick forest. You sit there for what seems like forever, and just as you think nothing is there, a huge burst comes from the front door. You take a shot but miss. You run up the stairs and lock yourself behind your bedroom door. It busts down the door and just as the police arive, they hear a loud scream coming from the house.

Two police men emerge from the cruiser. “I hope this isnt just another prank call. dont they know there are more important things for us than this!”

“Calm down Dale, didnt you hear that scream, this could be something serious.”

“I now Phillip, its just that, well, dont you remember what happened last time teens pulled a prank on us?”

“It wasnt our fault, we were just answering a call.”

The cops both enter the house with caution guns raised. They notice that every piece of furniture is everwhere around the house.

“Must have been a real struggle here huh Dale…Dale?”

Phillip went into the kitchen and saw Dales lifeless body laying on top of the counter. As a giant thing was running or crawling back into the forest.

“Oh my god… Dale!”

Phillip called for backup and waited out by his car. Backup came and they serched the house but couldnt find anything. Phillip tried to tell the cops what he saw but they ust thought that he was in shock. Phillip knew that a monster was out there and he wouldnt stop until he found it.

Phillip was given a week off for what he had experianced that night. He was getting ready for work when he noticed on the news tat they were showing the ceremony for Officer Dales death. Phillip had morned over his death and moved on. He could remember when they had first met.


It had been at police acadamy. Dale was getting yelled at by the lead officer for some mistake. Afterward Phillip came up to Dale in the dinnerhall and talked to him. From that day on, Dale and Phillip were friends.


At work all he could focus on were the crime photos he saw. He thought that he regonized the foot print he saw. He started studying it (just imagine an 80s montage to the music of Weird Science) He discovered that it was summoned by 3 boys that were killed by the monster.

Phillip decided that he would try to kill it for all that it had done, granted it was a suicidal mission but it was a mision never the less.

He had done everything that he was told to do from candles to that sentence, he was armed with a shotgun that he aquired from the police armory. He sat there waiting for him. After what seemed like hours it emerged and took a massive swing at him. Phillip dodged it and shot the monster in the leg. The monster let out a scream of agony. It slashed at him again and scratched him in the arm.


He shot it again in the stomach and ran back to his bakyard by the edge of the forest. He saw it charging towards him.

“Oh boy…”

It crashed into the house head first just as Phillip dove out of the way. Phillip managed to land two shots on the monster and was about to shoot it in the head to finish it when he heard somethng as he pulled the trigger.

Click* Click* Click*

“Crap, my Mom always told me to never use a gun without extra bullets on me.”

Phillip pulled out a knife and shanked the monster in the knee. It howled in pain and Phillip smiled and laughed

“Your not what the stories said you are, you are nothing!”

The monster got up and turned around it roared straight in Phillips face and kicked him. He fell to the ground and as he was getting up it picked him up. The monster just stared at him with hatred. Phillip stared right back at him and just spit in his face.

“Kill me… Kill me like you did to Dale.”

As the monster raised its arm to finish Phillp, Phillip gripped his knife and screamed as he thrust it into his chest. It dropped him and fell onto the ground. Phillip had won… for now.



  • Simon

    This was terribly written! Like, why did you write the first half in a second person perspective, only to completely drop it and focus on one of the cops in the second half? Why is this a sequel, when it’s barely related to the original? And who writes “that” as “tat”?