Foggy Morning

What a cold morning to be walking my dog. And the fog? Where did it even come from? Did I not look out the window before I left? I’m sure I did and there was no fog. Or was a dreaming? I mean… why would I even expect all to make sense at 5 AM, few seconds after I had just opened my eyes? But if Goldy wants to pee or smell grass or whatever, I’ll oblige. Good that I took the warm jacket… must be close to zero degrees. But why is it so much light? It’s usually complete darkness at this hour except for the few lights flickering here and there. Maybe the sun is trying to rise earlier? Or maybe the light pollution from town? Ehh who even cares? I can barely keep my eyes open light or no light. I just wish to go back to my warm cozy bed and sleep till a more decent hour.

What’s that? What was that noise? Are those… leaves? Why would there be a noise of leaves moving loud when there’s no wind? Now… I have seen way too many horror movies for this not to creep me out… but I realise movies are just movies and probably some animal or a bird or something made the leaves make noise, even though I have not seen anything moving.


I pull the leash not letting her smell everything so we walk faster and head home soon.

The noise again.

What? Now I have my eyes wide open scouting for whatever made the noise. I see nothing moving, I hear no animal or bird sound, and the noise stopped. Ok, I’m a bit irritated now. And creeped out. But mostly irritated.

Goldy did her potty routine and we are now walking towards home. I hear that creepy sound of leaves moving again. Ok… quick question to myself… why do I always hear that noise as if it’s always same distance? It didn’t get louder as if we were moving closer to it or lower as if we’d be moving further away. No… always same sound…

I’m starting to walk faster, practically dragging the poor dog. Her wondering-nose after me just so we get faster home and get away of that scary noise. I hear the noise again. Now I’m kind of running home trying to not pay attention to it. I keep telling myself how it’s all in my mind. I know it’s not all in my mind but maybe I can trick myself into believing that it’s not real?

I’m really out of shape, I get tired after running. What I think it feels like hours, but it was probably less than two minutes. I need to stop or at least slow down, but definitely I need a good full mouth of air.

I stop.

It’s quiet. It’s foggy. No other soul in sight. Everyone must be in their warm beds sleeping. No stray cat… no stray dog… no bird no… nothing? Is every living thing sleeping hidden in cozy corner? Except for us… yeah us… Only my puppy is crazy enough to get me out on such a cold early hour. It feels like we are the last ones on the face of the earth.

I laugh to myself… I have imagined many such scenarios. I leave my imagination away because it’s not the time for such creepy thoughts especially with that noise coming and going… I’d only make it worse if I’d leave my imagination free.

I start walking again but at a fast pace… I’m almost… home and I didn’t hear the noise again? I breath relieved as I enter the building. We go up the stairs I open the door and… we’re home! I get in bed making myself cozy. I close my eyes and…

I hear the noise?

What? Sounds louder than before like it’s right outside my window. But how can that be? I don’t even have a tree outside my window. I stand still not even breathing hoping the noise would go away. I’m terrified. What can this be and has it been following us? Following us how? I’m living on second floor, how can I hear it so loud and so close? What is this? The fear gets the best of me and I’m starting to shake uncontrollably. I just hope whatever that is won’t hear me. Blinds are closed so I can’t see nor would I have the courage to look.

I wake up. Wait, was this all a dream? I try hard to stand still and listen. I hear dogs outside barking. I try to calm down and slow my breath and wait… I wait and wait and no sound. I run to the window… it seems as a clear dark sky with no fog. I am relieved. I guess this was all a bad dream. I turn around to get back in bed. My dog staring at me… guess she wants out… I check the time… 5 AM. I hear a noise. The noise… It’s coming from the other room. I am terrified.

  • Mr.N

    Hello Sky, I am a beginning YouTube horror reader. I really enjoy your stories. I was wondering, do you mind if I read your stories on my channel.
    Best Regards

    • Sky

      Sure. Could be fun hearing my stories out loud. What is your channel’s name?

  • Bee