Face of Frost

One night I was sitting in my room, virtually doing nothing. My parents were asleep and outside it was freezing so I think to myself, “It’s time to go to bed.”

As I go the dresser to get my pajamas, I turn around and notice a face, peering at me through the window. It seemed to be the face of a young child. I decide, “Okay I am going to put on my pajamas and go see who it is.”

After I put on the pajamas I turn to look at the window, but the face was not there. So I hop in my bed. But I couldn’t sleep. My head was still wrapped around the face in the window. 1:00 still not asleep. 2:00 STILL not asleep. 3:00 I hear a click. Several clicks.

*clk clk clk*

My bedroom light turns on and off.

*clk clk clk*

My head is rattling, and I can’t stand it. But… as I got up to turn off the lights I hear a faint raspy voice, “I’M SO COLD HELP ME.” Then I hear a screech, as if somebody is sliding their nails across a blackboard. Then I see what seems to bed a corpse dragging itself along with one arm, and leaving a trail of blood behind it.

I stared at it in horror. No eyes, no nose, and his lips seemed to be partially sown together. I hide under the blanket just as it pounces up into the air at me. There is no impact. I peek out of a tiny hole in the blanket. There wasn’t a single bloodstain and the lights had turned off and the clicking had stopped. But I could hear a very faint voice say,