Eye Thief

I was driving home from work and was really furious. Not because of anything drastic. Just maybe stressed out of too much work. My work was usually out-of-town so I had my friend,  Fred taking care of my house.

My workplace was not far from my house so I usually take roads with traffic lights rather than the highway because it was nearer.

It was almost eleven p.m. sharp. About a kilometer away from my house as the GPS stated. I have some issues with roads. I could see the moon shining through my windscreen and onto my whole upper body. It was somehow relaxing while listening to a soothing violin on the radio.

It was going so well. Well too well I guess. About a few blocks away from my house,  my radio started to become crazy. I pound it a few times and it was back. I thought to myself that it was tome to get a new car.

Finally reached home and was relieved. I opened the gate and parked my car halfway inside. Just as I was about to switched off engine and exit my car,  I received a call. It was Fred’s. I thought to myself that it would be weird to call me considering he was inside.

Nonetheless I picked it up. “Hello?” I asked. Fred didn’t reply ‘hello’ he replied to not enter the house. I asked him what’s wrong but he did not replied. I waited but what followed was silence. Just complete silence.

I looked at my phone,  it was still ongoing so I put it back near my ear. That’s when I heard a loud scream coming from the other side of the phone. It was so loud that I accidentally threw my phone away.

I looked at my phone landed at the passenger seat feeling shocked. Afterwards I didn’t dare to picked it up again. I tried to hear from my seat if there was anything else. Nothing. The scream was totally Fred’s. I looked at my front door. It was hanging opened. Now I am starting to feel scared.

I tried to call the police but my battery suddenly went flat. I wanted to call from my nearby neighbours but the nearest lived 500 meters away.  However there was one house opposite mine. Creepy old place. It was vacant a long time ago.

I got no other choice. So I got of my car to reached for my boot for my baseball bat. I always kept it there just in case. I guarded myself with it and entered the house slowly trying not to make any footsteps noise. It was horrifying. My hall was a complete mess. Some of my furnitures were damaged. I went into the kitchen but saw nothing changed except for muddy footprints.It was totally not Fred’s. Whoever it was,  he or she was huge and possibly very tall too. The trail lead me to the staircase upstairs.

That was when I heard, a cracking sound and a continuous thumping sound. Someone was up there. I call Fred’s name but no answer. At the exact same time too,  the noise stopped. I encouraged myself to check it out.  I warned whoever it was to come out as this was not funny at all.  Finally I reached the second floor. I had three rooms. My room was on the far end of the hallway and it was opened. I tip toed as quietly as possible and entered.

I screamed so loudly the moment I stepped inside. I saw Fred. Laying lifelessly on top of my bed. His eyes were gauged out. I ran downstairs back only to find my neighbour, Peter, that was half a kilometer away from my house, checking me out and asking me what was going on. I couldn’t tell him. I was crying non stop. The best I could do is point upstairs.

He did not went there. Rather he called the police. Minutes went by and sirens could be heard. Peter and I got out of the house and the two officers went to inspect the house. I was still crying but Peter was trying his best to calm me down.

Moments later one of the officers went back to the police car to call for backup I guessed. Backup arrived bringing in an ambulance and another two police cars. Fred’s body was being taken out in a bag. The officers did not find anyone else inside the house except footprints now leading from my backyard to the woods.

I was questioned for further investigation. The same week the news came up saying two dead bodies were found near a campsite with no EYES. At that point of time, I was sleeping over at Peter’s house because I was still have nightmares about the incident. Two weeks after, I was back at my home. I was still kind of depressed and sad. However, the body still haunts my mind. The blood, the holes. From that day onwards, whenever I wanted someone to watch over my house, I make sure there will at least tow people.

  • AtomicCheese123

    This was a horrible story, and if you’re gonna make a bad story on here, can you at least use proper grammar? Make it fun to read even though the story is terrible.

  • Rwby Garnett

    I had to stop reading cause of the email grammar

  • Chaiya Monroe

    It was nothing short of horrible and laughable, I’m sorry wish I could have been able to write a nicer comment.

  • Bloody_Unicorns987

    That was an eye-sore *slaps knee*

  • Rose Morrison

    Could be a good story, but so badly written its very hard to read. Mis-spelt words, sentences that make no sense, and quite a rushed storyline. Much more attention needs to be given to grammar. You need to expand the story, find somebody to thoroughly edit it, then it would be good.