Error 404

Day 1

Tuesday morning, I woke up and got out of my bed reluctantly. I mumbled, “Why do I have to do me?” Slowly and apprehensive, I got ready for work and drove off.

Walking into my office I set everything up for the day. I went to my computer and switched it on. The computer was lazily turning on and I was already agitated.

“Turn on you piece of s**t!” I yelled. “I can have a good night’s sleep by the time you start up!”

The computer finally started up. I was going to log into my work site. But error 404 appeared. I closed the tab and went to do the same procedure again, but error 404 appeared again. Slowly and surely I got angrier. After a while, I gave up on trying to log in so, being the lazy guy I was, I started shooting staples at my cubicle wall. Soon Is work friend Daniel showed up in my cubicle.

“Hey man, we’re on our lunch break!” Daniel cheered.

“It’s about goddamn time,” I replied.

I turned off my computer and left with Daniel.

After lunch, I returned to my computer and turned it on. It slowly powered up and turned on. I tried to log in and try to do my work. But error 404 appeared. I kept on doing the same thing again and again and was getting very angry. After a lot of trial and error, I just gave up. I signed out and left work. When I was getting ready for bed I pondered about the error 404 occurrences.

“Was it just my unlucky day?” thought I. “I will put my thought to rest.”

Day 2

I woke up and was adamant to go to work just so I could catch up on my work. When I reached my cubicle a note was found posted on the edge of my monitor.

It read, “meet me in my office after you get off of your lunch break. – your boss.”

“Oh god no, I’m in trouble now because of the errors,” I thought.

I turned my computer on and went to my work site. But error 404 came up.

“Why!?” I shouted.

I kept on repeating the same thing over and over but all I got was error 404. I then gave up and went on my break.

After Is lunch break, I went to the meeting.

“Welcome,” my boss said.

“Hi,” I replied.

“So yesterday you did absolutely nothing for our business,” my boss stated.

“Yeah but-”

“But what?” my boss interrupted.

“You know I take my business very seriously Adam.” my boss said.

“So I don’t like it when my workers are slacking off. So you better step it up or you’ll be fired. You already got your first strike and I is your second strike.”

“But I-”

“But nothing” my boss interrupted.

“Yes…” I sighed.

“Now get back to work,” barked my boss.

“Yes…” I moaned.

I tried to get back to work. I turned on my computer hoping it would actually work. As it powered up I anxiously started drumming my desk hoping my computer would finally get a website working. I went to my worksite but only error 404 would appear. I angrily tried and tried again but only error 404 would be there. After a while, in a blind fit of rage, I punched my cubicle wall hard. But I was the only one in the office besides Daniel, at least I thought. I quickly shuffled out of the office and went home.

Once I was ready for bed. My phone started to buzz. I checked it to see that it was Daniel texting me.

“Hey man,” said Daniel.

“Hey,” I replied.

“I heard you yelling,” said Daniel

“Why was that?”

“Error 404” I replied.

“Error 404?” asked Daniel.

“Yeah, it sounds crazy but yeah error 404” I stated.

“What did ‘error 404’ do?” asked Daniel.

“It won’t let me do anything,” I said. “I can’t get to my work site or do anything.

“Maybe it has a virus,” said Daniel. “You should get it checked out.”

“Yeah, maybe I should,” I said. “I’m gonna go to bed now.”

“Ok get some sleep,” Daniel recommended. “You have a big day tomorrow.”

“Bye,” I said

“Bye,” Daniel said back

Day 3

I woke up anxiously because of error 404. I quickly got ready for work and started driving over to my work building. For some reason, I felt a sense of dread hang over me as I walked inside. As I reached my cubicle, I felt like I was going to be scared to death by something. My dread then turned into utter confusion. All of my stuff was in a set of boxes. Someone then tapped me on the shoulder, it was my boss.

“So we meet again Adam.” my boss snickered.

“What do you want? I asked. “Why is my stuff in boxes?”

“Oh, you’re moving.” my boss said.

“Where?” I asked.

“Out!” my boss exclaimed. “You’re fired!”

“WHAT!?” I shouted.

“You’re fired,” my boss said again.

“Now out,” my boss said

He then called security on me. I tried escaping from the security guards, but it was no use. I was now standing outside contemplating what happened. IwIs so confused about what the just happened. I went to go to my car only to find out I parked in a reserved parking spot, and my car got towed away. But that wasn’t the worst part

I got an uber went to my house only to find a for-sale sign on my lawn. There was a real estate agent outside my home and I went over to ask her what was happening. She told me that someone sold my house, without me doing anything or even knowing about it. Thursday was the day I lost everything.
“HOW!? WHY!? WHY GOD WHY-HY-HY-HY!?” I screamed. “What did I do to deserve this!? I give up, I give up! I’m not living in this world.

That was the last thing I ever said

I went to a nearby hotel and snuck inside. I scaled the hotel all the way towards to the roof of the building. I jumped off of the hotel roof diving towards the concrete. I died once I hit the ground. A note floated down next to my corpse.

It read “I ended my life Thursday because my livelihood suddenly vanished from my eyes. And it was all thanks to this error 404. It kept on showing up and completely destroyed me. Now because of error 404, I am now dead. Goodbye.

Day 4

I woke up to a nice breeze outside my bedroom. I decided to walk outside and embrace the breeze

“I love these types of days!” I said to myself. “Shining sun, cool breeze and clear skies!”

I got ready and cheerfully walked outside to my car and drove to work.

When I got to me floor I strolled to my cubicle. When I strolled by Adam’s I saw that his cubicle was empty.

“Huh, that’s weird,” I said. “Where could he be?”

I decided to do some investigating.

The first place I decided to look was the hotel. When I looked around the perimeter of the building, I was not surprised at what I saw. Adams decaying dead corpse. I saw a note next to Adam when I read it I realized why he decided to kill himself.

“Yes,” I moaned. “Error 404 managed to kill Adam.”

  • Ghost_121

    Wait, what?

  • Bonnie Manz

    This story is not scary and it doesn’t make any sense. Also you need to edit this the grammar and punctuation seriously needs work.

  • Lucas Myers

    This story was terrible the characters talk as if they were in a Disney comedy. Unscorable.

  • teresa robinson

    I don’t understand why he didn’t just go to IT in the first place when error started popping up. Not scary and made absolutely no sense…

  • Adrian

    I don’t understand the ending. Can someone explain it to me?

  • TerrinTheTerrible

    It was my first pasta and im bad at creating spooks. Thats my excuse.
    Also the intention is that it would be unnerving but I failed at that.
    I’ll try to do a remake. But thanks for atleast reading it 🙂