Entry #1

I think I am going insane… I don’t know how much I can take this with my mind. I’ve being followed and stalked, sometimes teasing me at night which is why I felt insomnia and started hearing or seeing things that aren’t there. He’s causing this panic and craziness! I can’t even kill him, he’s too smart. And when I try to capture evidence of him through my phone’s camera, he uses his phone to hack it and make it look distorted, even the audio. At night, I hear footsteps from my backyard to the rooftop. Slow and menacing footsteps that stabs fear inside my heart. Sometimes he even leaves me messages, flowers, and morbid gifts in my mailbox and what I fear most is that I live alone.

I live in a province here in Pampanga, my names is K### ####### and I just moved here recently because I heard that college here is cheaper. I used to like horror so I bought a fancy journal to write my ideas, but that journal became from fiction to non-fiction based on my perspective that my life has been a complete disaster because of this mysterious killer. He taunts me at night with the butterfly knife, flipping over and over on top of the rooftop as I can hear it which worries me, why I cannot sleep at all.
People tried to think I might be mentally ill because of the crazy stories I tell them about this killer in my life that’s been taunting me for a while now. That is why I decided to write down everything that happened or will happen to me in the future in this journal. He sends me letters with blood inked on it ending with the “Your love, Patchwork”. It explains why his white hoodie is in patches with ripped jeans are like that. And who the hell calls their victim as their love? What kind of sick b*****d does he thinks he is?

The first time I encountered this maniac was when, like I said, I used to love horror and I had an idea to make a Slender Man series just like Marble Hornets but it turned out wrong, someone stole the show…
He just jumped off out of nowhere from the dark when we were camping for a film and killed the Slender Man actor by slitting his throat very slowly as he laughed so insanely. We had to run away but none of us except for me survived that disaster.

What happened next was that I tried to tell the cops everything about it, but they didn’t believe me after they found no evidence, no body, or even blood. I swear to GOD! There was blood everywhere and how the hell did he managed to clean all that? So I went home worried then I heard 3 slow quiet knocks on the door. I asked who it was and it said in a creepy voice, “It’s me…”

At that moment I was f****d. I tried to call the cops but the line was cut off. I had to run to the panic room and locked it. I tried to sleep knowing that he can’t enter here anymore but I still can’t sleep.