In 1979 the government green-light on a top-secret project, labeled: “MANNEQUIN” Project. Mannequin is a programme to create genetically enhanced assassins, espionage agents and sleeper agents with PSI/psychic abilities. Most people are unaware of their part in the programme because of sophisticated memory erasure procedures. The NSA is looking for people of certain blood lines and these are mainly people of Celtic/Blue blood (aristocratic) genetics. People with these genetics have a predisposition to paranormal ability as these cultures have practiced paranormal abilities for generations. Therefore it is in the genetic memory of individuals with these blood lines. These individuals have an RH-negative blood factor.

in 1976 a man trying to escape from a group of muggers accidentally discovered the program. In an attempt to silence him, he was captured by the government and unwillingly forced into the program. Having an incompatible bloodline, the procedure backfired, resulting in severe changes to his DNA, and gene pool making him downright superhuman. His aging process stopped completely, his DNA was altered giving him supernatural abilities, but the most notable was his eyes. Both the pupil and iris’ turned completely white. His skin had an electric blue tint around the eyes and chest. The electric pulse wiped out the security systems in the laboratory disabling the restraints allowing him to escape and wreak havoc. After being free for some time, he had such a high body count that he started to realise the insignificance of human life.

He became sociopathic, knowing full well that the key to conflict is perspective. Using this he created anarchy wherever he went, targeting populations in an indirect manner, turning families against each other, cities thrown into chaos, dismantling the world until it becomes his playground of disorder, donning the name “Discord” he strikes back on a world that once took him apart.

  • As you come down here to point out how much detail I could have put into this story, first let me elaborate that this is the origin story for my original character and is only a summary of the real story that hasn’t been written yet,and was only posted so I can get feedback and opinions on it. I’m still in the research phase of the program that took place and am currently trying to find a way to work in his entrance. Like I said this is my oc and has come along way so your criticism is necessary.

  • James Riot

    A neat origin story, but how is this creepypasta?

  • The things that happened in that bunker what they did to him the betrayal they messed with his DNA they tried to take away his free will and it backfired he slaughtered them like animals. His mind degraded rapidly and made him feel less for society isn’t that what they’re all about? Normal people who were torn apart by people they trusted most and pushed beyond their breaking point and called a monster by the pieces of s**t that made them that way? I haven’t even wrote the story yet I’m still in the research and development phase it could still change non of this is canon yet. Honestly this character started out without a backstory. He was a tool I used for roleplay when I only just started feeling empathy for the characters. It made me think that what if they were the victims, and society was the monster? That’s how I write my stories.

  • Rose Morrison

    Great ideas in there. But even for an origin summary it is very short, rushed and full of mistakes, all of which detract. If it were cleaned up, expanded a little and therefore was more reader friendly it would be excellent. I look forward to seeing more, it does sound so interesting.