Dimension Five

Awoken by the family of three beside him, Rourke got out of his chair and decided that he had to go to the washroom.

Flight 456B was gliding smoothly across the night sky. The stench in the washroom was not too bad, but even his workplace washroom smelled better.

Looking out his window, Rourke could suddenly see little flakes of white dust at the window.


No. Snow is more fast and thick.

This was just micro-sized gray dots slowly gliding across the plane. It looked like mist, but could mist really be 10,000 feet high?

The lights in the plane started flickering about 2 times a second. Some passengers started waking up, some thinking it was just a small mistake. Some thought they were going to crash a hundred feet deep in to the sea to never be found again.

The fact was,

They were all wrong.

Rourke came out the toilet after his number two and looked confusingly as everyone started chattering, some screaming.

The boy beside Rourke’s seat began to cry while his parents tried to calm him down.

The plane wasn’t shaking, but it felt like everyone was starting to get pulled forwards.

Like getting pulled into a void. The airbags were still in their cabinets, and the captain has yet to announce the situation.

Rourke could hear scraping metal.

Then darkness.

Rourke woke up again, and found out the plane was still in the air. “Captain Nash here, we appear to be unable to land the plane despite the controls. Neither do we seem to be moving at all, everyone please remain calm and be patient as we wait for back-up.”

Captain Nash seems very calm, probably to soothe the passengers, but in reality, he was freaking out. He had a wife and three kids at home waiting.

9:43 p.m. 20 minutes after the “crash”.

Rourke had already tried to call his workmates but there was no network. In fact, his phone pixels were all mixed up,  taking him 10 minutes to find the contacts application.

During the next 10 minutes, Rourke began to bond with the passengers around him. Behind him was Fackley, a military soldier that was taking the plane back home to meet his family. Beside Fackley was Cooper, another military soldier.

Beside Rourke was Jason, Cari and Jason Jr. They were taking the plane to vacation. In front of Rourke was Carolina and Tom, they were couples who decided to move to another country to live after Tom’s parents rejected them getting married.

“We aren’t going to get rescued, all electronic contacts has been disabled,” says Cooper matter of factly.

Jason Jr starts crying again.

10:02 p.m.

Nash came out after finding out the speaker was disabled and announced that they should send everyone down the plane through the giant plane parachutes. There were 22 in total, enough to carry every one down.

Nash decided to stay in the plane in case help does come. It never will, he thought to himself. But he still had some hope. 21 of the parachutes have already been used. It took an hour for everyone to cooperate.

One by one, the parachutes set off in to the gray abyss. Nash had already presumed there was ground, he had that FEEL tingling. As the last parachute set off, Nash waved goodbye, they were all told to stay together in their 21 groups and try to find any other life form or building, while Nash tries to move the plane.

11:42 p.m.

Group 3

There were 24 people in group 3. They were all adults.

Group 6

Group 6 consisted of Rourke, his new friends, and 16 more people, the lowest number of members in all 21 groups.

The two teams found each other and decided to form a larger circle. Few could even see anything in the blurry mist. Rourke could hardly see who was beside him.

“I LOST SOMEBODY!” a woman shouted. That woman was Jale, and the person she lost was merely a stranger. The circle was now detached, and Jane lost both her partners.

12:04 p.m.

Group 10

Dale found the body of Terry, the missing member of group 6. Her whole body was flat, literally. She looked like she was stomped by an abnormally large creature.

Fanny pukes.

1:27 a.m.

The groups had been walking around aimlessly for about an hour. They took short rests whenever some one cried, which was very often.

Group 13

“Everybody, I hear something!” Georgia shouts. Everyone could hear the engine of a moving plane. Rescue is here!

A large bolt of orange strikes through the mist. Followed by a loud bang which knocked all of them over. Uris screamed and pointed in to the mist. Georgia took a closer look and screamed too.

Their plane had crashed, Nash is dead. But that wasn’t all, the burning remains were flying up in to the sky. No,  wait, it was being picked up by SOMETHING. Something humongous was here with them, and Georgia lost all hope.

To be continued?

  • Unbreakable