Have you ever wondered what lurks in the Dark Well? I have. I’m gonna explain everything what happened to my experience.

November 17, 2006

The Next Day Before My Birthday

5:54 PM

This is the day where I experienced what lurks in the darkness. We were eating dinner too early because my grandmother had some stories why we should sleep too early.

7:26 PM

I woke up in this time and I saw nothing but darkness. I cant really see anything but I can hear. While I was trying to go back to sleep, my only light source was my phone being charged. So I was not afraid of the dark.

8:30 PM

It was the most terrible experience in my whole life. Someone was whispering in my ear. I felt heavy. I can’t move my body. I cant tilt my head to see if who was behind me and after for a few seconds I heard something getting off my bed and it appeared right in my face. I cant describe well because it was dark. The only thing I saw was eyes glowing. I screamed and my dad heard me. So my dad quickly opens my door and the only trail that thing left me was blood all over the floor. It was fresh and we had to move to my dad’s house and never went back to grandmother’s house.

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