Dante’s Death

“He’s there.”

“Who’s there?”

“Behind you.”

As soon as that was said officer Jerry looked behind him.

“What, no this isn’t happening no no NO”

He was back. Dante’s death, as we call him, but it’s unknown who he is or where he came from. All we know is he is a child that wears a paper bag over his head and any suit that fits the occasion.

CHAPTER 1: The Name

Dante’s name was originated because he was first seen a week after Dante Burgolo Seamore had passed away. He was spotted sitting on Dante’s grave by a 13-year-old Tammy. No one believed Tammy until six weeks after the scene until Tindales mayor (George Heffrey) head noise inside his head repeatedly saying, “Why did he die? Why did he die over and over again?”

CHAPTER 2: Why He is Here

We don’t know much about why he is mysteriously making people disappear. There is a common pattern with his victims they were all born in July in which Dante died in. There is a lot of connections with Dante so that leads us to our next chapter.

CHAPTER 3: Suspects

We don’t know if DD is a human or a paranormal beast, but if he were to be human these are the cops suspects.

1. Tammy, although Tammy was the first person to see Dante’s death, some say it was a hoax and Tammy was trying to get out a message saying that she was coming. The only problem is that DD has a male appearance to him as Tammy’s a female she is still a suspect in the police’s mind.

2. Henry wave, although Henry is a quiet boy who never talks to Dante’s but he is Dante’s nephew so that leads to the theory that Henry being autistic didn’t understand death and wanted revenge.

These suspects are the closest we could get but even if they were what would they do with the disappeared spirit…

Okay we do have one paranormal suspect that could be true, is it Dante himself? Although Dante died at the age of 21 from cancer, it is said that he roams the body of a child as a spirit. But there had been no other spirits have interfered with human body’s so can it be true.

CHAPTER 4 Dante Seamore

Let me give you some background info about Dante himself. He was an average store clerk with an average life he had four sisters, a son and a wife who later died in a car crash. Dante died at a young age of 21, two years after his wife, due to brain cancer. His son who is now adopted due to his young age he never knew he had a father and lives on the other side of the world.


So what happened was, DD was produced dead. After they found his body but with no head, they searched for weeks trying to find his head so they took a sample of his DNA but no match was found.

But now I’m back and I’m truly furious. I wrote his letter I wanted to give out a story for people to read I am Dante’s Death…

  • ChimChimCheekx

    This story doesn’t seem to have a plot. The ending is way to confusing. It seems that this story was very rushed.