After finally getting to the end of the hall, I hear the footsteps becoming louder. He’s getting closer I know it. I don’t know how much longer I have till he finds me, but I should fill you in on what’s actually going on. Do you know that feeling when looking down a really long hallway and it just seems to grow longer and longer? Well that’s what I’m exploring here at this hell hole for. I don’t see why of all places, I chose something abandoned. Maybe the fact there was no one around or perhaps the thrill of seeing something no one else has been in for a very long time. For whatever reason, it was a bad one.
He’s getting closer, I can feel his presence as he gets closer. I’ll briefly explain the place I’m in by saying this, it’s an old hospital. Maybe late 70’s when it was left because it’s molded and there’s decay and everything just looks old. There’s no more personnel working here and I thought the place was sealed up, I was wrong when I saw the chain on the ground at the front. I should have left when I could but now it seems like it’s an endless loop. Is this my punishment for doing what no one should? To spend whatever time I have left in this rotting tomb of mine?
I hear him scraping across the walls, his purpose right now to drive me to insanity. Maybe this is my insanity. My research is all making sense, I understand the feeling now. It our minds telling us that this way is not the way to go. Completely ignoring mine, I continued to go on. This is a mistake I wish I could take back. He’s so close it’s like he’s breathing down my neck. This…thing, it isn’t human or animal. No god could create such a monster. The little bit of him I saw before running was horrific.
Claws longer than it’s own hand. Its jaw is mangled and teeth are protruding from the bottom. It’s skin looked almost like melting was, it wasn’t a liquid but it’s not fully solid either. Its eyes, if that’s what you would call them, were ripped and one was dangling from its socket. I nearly vomited at the sight of it. The way it walks is as if it’s a tangled puppet, body parts moving at unnatural angles in weird ways. This thing I hear, I feel. I know this is the end and he knows where I am. I can’t fight it so i have one thing to warn you. NEVER TRUST YOUR…

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    Amazing loved it

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    Damn this was good!