Carla the Cruel

Carl was a happy boy, but he knew som was wrong, he knew he was meant to be a boy. He knew he was meant to be Carla, he told his parents, but they told him, “Your just going through a phase.” His relationship with his parents changed.

Over the years Carl (Carla) grew up, his short hair grew out to his back and his blue eyes got more beautiful. Carl was happy, but he got bullied notes in his locker calling him a faker or f****t sometimes sissy. Carl got invited to a party he thought he was finally being accepted for who he was he got into a pretty blue dress with a pocket on the right side and brushed his hair pretty.

But once he got their it wasn’t them accepting him no, they chopped off his luscious long locks leaving choppy shoulder length hair, they said, “Boys don’t have long hair Carl.” They taunted him and the next thing was even more horrific they grabbed a knife and gouged out his beautiful blue eyes.

Suddenly Carl snapped. He grabbed the knife and slashed at them they begged for their lives, “Please Carl have mercy.” Carl held the knife and, “It’s Carla,” before mercilessly killing them and that’s how she became Carla the cruel.

  • Thats_some_crappy_pasta

    That was horrible. The grammar was bad and i think a bunch of kids could take down one blind kid

    • Lily


    • Daniel Di Benedetto

      That is so true lmfao

  • Lily

    This s***s

  • Jennifer Lawson

    It was the best story

  • JaneTheReader

    Well.. I guess ratings don’t lie… Cliché and not to mention the grammar was… Questionable, to say the least. All I can say is I really, really hope this is a trollpasta.

  • Daniel Di Benedetto

    This had to be a troll. “But he knew som was wrong” lol why’d the narrator get ghetto on us. This was awful if it were meant to be taken seriously but if this was intentionally bad it’s gold.

  • TheDomFather


  • Kason

    1. Grammar 2. Cliché 3. I’m confused on what the story is basically telling. You should put some information in the story about the main character. This makes me wonder if a four year old made this