Cara the Cat

I am an elderly woman. My name is Emily and I am pretty lonely. Ever since my husband died, I’ve been having weird visions and night terrors. So recently my doctor said I should get a cat. The next week I got a cat… a female tabby cat, yellow base color, with pink inside ears, colored stripes (caramel colored stripes), and green eyes. She was a normal cat with my point of view. I named her Cara; half way of caramel, because of her stripes.

One day, she got into my drawer and started digging in it. I got her out, then she started meowing at my closet door. I looked in the closet and it was cold, colder then usual. I grabbed my cat gently and put her on my lap. I watched some news with her and she started yowling very loudly and growling at the window. It was night time, so it was hard to see what was going on. I got up and looked outside, nothing was out there. I then got the feeling of being watched and turned on my living room light and continued watching the news.

The next day, my cat is scratching at my door. I opened it then saw that my room is in a complete mess! Everything was thrown around and my bed was un-made. I fixed my room up then I start hearing voices.

“Come closer…” a Mexican accent deep male voice whispered into my ear. It was my husband! My eyes widen and I looked around and I looked at my bedroom door. It slammed shut! My cat was in the room with me but in my bathroom. I followed my cat in there and the bathroom door shutted by itself and a bottle of bleach fell onto my cat… taking off the fur of her belly and turning her eyes red and her main fur turns white and her stripes turned red (what’s left of her fur).

I bent down weakly and picked the bleach bottles off of her and tried to wash her up… but the colors couldn’t get out. My cat got so sad that she started yowling and meowing loudly. On the way out of my bathroom, I slipped accidentally on some bleach and I hit my head on the kitchen sink and my cat ran out of my bathroom into the woods.

“Cara!!” I screamed weakly and tried to call the emergency hospital, but I couldn’t reach the phone, so I decided to get up and cover my wounded head. Once they arrived, I was crying tears of pain and sorrow… One reason for my head to be cracked open, and the sorrow reason for my cat to be lost in the wild.

The next month, I made it back to my house alive and I found Cara, “Cara! Please don’t ever leave me again!!” I screamed and pet Cara’s head and she purred but then I noticed blood on her…

My blood…