Black Swan

Juliet loves dancing, just like her mother. She danced since she was young. Her mother puts her in a private ballet course, since Juliet loves dancing along with slow songs. Through the years, she had won lots of trophies from all over the city. She became quite famous. Some people likes her but some got jealous. But mostly loved her for she is a kind and gentle girl. She had a perfect life.

She then grew older. She has turned into a teenager. She has a boyfriend. The kind of boyfriend that everyone would want. His name is Daniel. They would usually go to the bridge they loved and he would watch her dance. Her life was perfect until, Daniel gave her a music disc for her present. It was her birthday, Daniel wandered around the gift shop and he found a disc on the counter labeled ‘Black Swan’. He asked the cashier if the disc is a ballet music song and the man gave him a weird look and said, “Yes sir.”

Daniel was convinced and paid for the disc. He then got out and started the journey to his lover’s house. Then he reached Juliet’s house he kissed her and gave her the gift. She was so happy. She took the disc and played it. The disc started playing but all that came out was static. Daniel was confused, he tried to skip the static part but it seems that all of the audio was static. Disappointed, he told his girlfriend that he would go out and find another one. Juliet agreed and wanted to follow him but he said no for he wanted to surprise her in another way. He went out and left Juliet alone with the disc in the player.

Juliet turned around to face the player when it started all of a sudden. She was shocked. It started playing a song but somehow that song gave her the chills. Slowly she danced with the rhythm. She danced gracefully. But somehow she couldn’t keep up even though the song was slow. She kept falling down again and again. She was confused. She decided to call her boyfriend to tell him that the disc was working again when she felt like she was controlled. Her hand moved by itself and her foot danced following the rhythm. She couldn’t control herself.

She danced and danced and slowly her feet got really sore. It started to hurt so bad that she cried. She couldn’t stop dancing. Then suddenly her boyfriend came in and saw her dancing while crying for help. He then understood what happened and then reached forward to stop the player. But suddenly he too danced. He couldn’t control himself. The dancing became faster and faster. The boy and the girl danced and danced. It gets painful. Really really painful after a whole month of dancing their foot’s skin slowly peeled off and they cried so loud.

Strangely, no one can hear their voice. After years and years their foot slowly got shorter and shorter because their meat got sliced and sliced. It was killing them slowly. Unfortunately, they couldn’t stop. As it started to go to their digestion part, they died because of blood loss. Right after they died, the music stops and cops started coming in only to find a disc on the floor and chunks of meat.

  • Brandon Barrett

    Wasn’t very good and noticed a plethora of errors

  • Rose Morrison

    Agreed Brandon. A lot of spelling and grammatical errors, and the story was not filled out enough. It was very abrupt and cursory. Expansion and editing would improve the story markedly.