Barn of Death and Love

“But I love you!” I whined as he walked into the barn. “Please! Please, Derek! I love you please don’t do this!!” I yelled as I was crying my eyes out, slowly dragging my feet behind me to follow him. I did not want to do this! I didn’t want to die!!

“DEREK PLEASE!!!” I wailed with my heart. “Erin enough! What’s done is done. Don’t you want to live with me forever? In a better world?” He turned around and said to me right before he opened the barn doors. “Yes I do! But I want to live together in THIS world!!” I exclaimed. “Then let me do this,” he told.

As he opened the barn doors and walked inside, I walked in right behind him, and yelled “PLEASE!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!! DEREK PLEASE!!!!!!!!” I screamed and whined while pounds of tears flooded my face. “Stay here, I’m gonna go get something. Do NOT follow me back here! I’ll be right back!” Derek kind of yelled in my face. “Please!!” I whispered while crying.

He walked behind a large piece of wood, so large, I couldn’t see him behind it. “Please…” I whispered again as I crashed to the ground on my knees, crying. “DEREEEEEKKKKK!!!!!!” I screamed with all my might while crying. I wanted to be with him, in THIS world! But he didn’t like this world.

Derek came back around the wood, holding something. I couldn’t see exactly what it was until I heard a pumping sound. It was a shotgun in his hand. “Derek?” I asked. “We’ll be together forever Erin…” he told me. I started flooding with silent tears. The last thing a heard was a loud bang. My life had flashed before my eyes.

I saw the light, and saw a large shadow with wings, pointing right. I looked right, and saw Derek. Falling to the opposite side, in other words falling to Hell. I assumed he had shot himself right after me. I couldn’t believe him. He never gave me a chance to say I’m sorry, or tell everyone good bye. I started to hate him, and I was glad he went way down below. Now hopefully I never see his hideous face again!

You may be wondering how I’m doing but I’m fine. In Heaven it’s impossible to cry. No matter how sad you are, there was always this weird and sudden happiness that washed over you to make you forget those sad feelings. I just finished watching my funeral. It was hard to watch my family suffer like that. It was over in a flash, and I almost wish it wasn’t over so fast. I enjoyed watching it, with all my family there in one room, so I could see them all at the same time.

I was 19 when I died. I had dropped out of college for Derek. I thought it was pure true love. Heck, I didn’t even know what love was! I basically wasted my time with him, and now look where I am! I don’t know what I would be doing right now if I didn’t die, or didn’t meet Derek. But what’s done is done.