Anytime Soon

His eyes took time to adjust to the darkness he was in. It was a psychiatric experiment to see how long a mentally and physically healthy man could last in a 6x6x6 room, with no light, no human contact and no activity whatsoever. This would help them devise more efficient ways of interrogation, they said. The air would be circulated through a small vent on the ceiling, he would be given food regularly but he would have zero contact with any human being and have nothing to do at all. If the claustrophobia became too much, he had a small remote with a button that when pressed would immediately end the experiment. The feeling of the remote in his pocket gave him some relief.

He decided to sit and wait for his food to arrive. Seconds turned into minutes, the minutes into hours but still no sign of food, he slowly lost his sense of time, surely food should have come by now?

After what seemed like an eternity, he could no longer take anymore, he reached for the remote and press the button to end the experiment… but nothing happened, no door opened, no voice came saying it was over. Panicking he repeatedly pressed the button but nothing, only the cold dark silence around him. He decided to speak to himself loudly to soothe his nerves, “I am Major Suzuki of the 144th division of the imperial Japanese army and I was locked in this room as part of an experiment at 4:00am on August 6th 1945, at our Garrison headquarters in Hiroshima. This experiment should be over and I am expecting to be released anytime soon!”

P.S: This is not a story I created, credit to those who wrote it originally

  • Puddin Tane

    It raises questions. How do you know this? How did you find this out? Is this based on fact? How long was the man down there for?…