“Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced.”

Do you know how to face with the unknown? Are we all have a weakness or power is just an illusion?
You must admit that you all have a weakness and bonds. You are not perfect, no one…
And we all have monsters.
And they are not in under your bed, they are in your mind.

My name is Kyle, I am a Detective.
I am pretty good at my job, maybe not perfect but I am trying my best.
Saved many people, helped them or showed them there are still good people in this world. I got some broken bones, wounds or I am pretty young but I don’t care…
I am living for this, to fight for the others and living to make a sacrifice.
If you ask me what is the worst case you have dealt with?
Yeah pretty much I can say almost every one but there was a special one that still haunts me till this day.
It was the thing that have changed my life forever.


New York
01:15 AM

“Hey Robert what you got for me today?”

“We are closed!”

“Come on, I am your abiding customer, make something for me, I am a lonely sad man. I am craving to listen some good s**t that night.”

“Alright Baby Joe! I got something for you, it is just came today fresh and new, I think you would like it.”

“And what is that song about?”

“I don’t know, I think it is about to love or something?”

“Alright I am buying it.”

“Good night Joe and hey don’t drink too much, you will die man!”

Home sweet home!
At least I got a new music listen, I won’t have to think about my lonely b**t at that night.
I love listening and drinking in a rainy night!
Oh boy here we go!
Yeah putting the cassette.

It is not a song about love but I like it anyway.
It is a song about a little lost girl.

Man, sometimes I think why I am so alone? why I am so unlovable?
The song getting more and more sadder and darker, I literally shriek right now and coughing with my cries…
Should I close it?
Should really I?
No not right now!
I should continue to listen it anyway, it is just a song, it is just a song…
It is just a song!
It is just a song!
I can’t get it offf my headddd!!!!
I need to die.
She wants me to die…

(Agonizing Pain Sounds)

(Police Sirens)

(Police Radio)

“Oh this one looks bad! Oh my God!”

“What a worst way to die.”

“What do you think Detective Kyle?”

“Looks like murder suicide but I don’t think so.”

“Do you telling me that this guy rip off his eyes and cut his stomach by himself like nothing? God that must hurt as hell.”

“He looks like he living by himself, alone, you don’t know how depression hurt do you?”

“We need to get more information.”

“Man what a mess? Room is like colored with the blood. It is disgusting!”

“I don’t need your stupid commentary Jerry, I can do without that. Just focus on what really might happened. I am gonna talk to his neighbors or whomever relates to this guy, this is looks really sad.”

“Guess who will drink that night.”

(One hour later)

“His name is Joe Smith, he was a businessman working for the Eagle Estate Company. His co-workers said that he is pretty diligent, serious and smart person. Also they said he is generous, likes the help people and a people person. His friends in the office seem the care for him. But yeah sad thing is he lost all of his parents in a traffic accident when he was 13. I know sounds weird but his neighbors saying that he is melancholic, sad and gloomy and also they said he is generous and humble. They look like they care for him too. They heard pain sounds was coming from in his place at 4:44 AM, they tried to open the door but it was locked, they saw all the blood flowing from his door. Then they panicked and called the police. I think his emotional trauma pushed him to the edge.”

“Thanks Kyle, and what about the others? What did you find?”

“An eyewitness said that he gone to a music store at 1 am. Also that store’s salesmen and manager are his close friends. They said he only comes here for buying music and talking or drinking. We have interrogated all of his friends or who close to him but they all seem to care for him, it looks like he doesn’t have an enemy.”

“Weird and anything else?”

“In the crime scene, we have found a broken cassette, he was listening music and somehow or something came or it was a suicide. Broke the cassette and butchered him to death. But fingerprints indicates that this is a suicide and it was his own fingerprints. His neighbors accept the fact that he have emotional problems but he was so shy to ask for help. Also drug test was negative, looks like he didn’t ever use drugs and he didn’t commit any crime.”

“Looks like we will continue tomorrow until find more sources. Goodnight gentleman!”

20:00 PM

NYPD Police Station

“Hi Kyle.”

“Hi Jerry.”

“What happened where have you been? I have heard you were sick and have slept for goddamn one day!”

“What are you talking about?”

“Man you creeped out us man. We have worried about you… You were in coma in the hospital. I am glad that you are ok.”

“But I was in my home and was sleeping… How is that possible?”

“Do you know what happened?”

“I had a weird dream. I have seen a little girl, 11 years old I think. It was nighttime and when I checked the time it was 4:44 AM. She was in a forest lost and were crying, she said, ‘Mommy! Mommy!’ with a heartbreaking voice. I tried to talk to her, help her but I couldn’t because I was like a ghost
Then she disappeared in the woods… I don’t know how I slept for one day it is so weird.”

“And what she look like?”

“Blonde hair with ponytails, blue eyes like an ocean, she was wearing red dress and there was a golden heart shaped necklace on her neck. She was looking so terrified and I couldn’t help her, damn.”

“This is so weird. Seven incessantly suicides happened last night, and all happened at 4:44 again! It kills who listens it. And they don’t relate to that Joe guy, and they don’t have any mental illnesses history or any kind of traumatic situation, they all butchered themselves like nothing. They all broke the cassette before they die like that guy. This getting out of hand we should do something and you disappeared at where you needed most, please don’t say you listened that s**t too.”

“But where this music or this trouble originated from? We should focus on that and must destroy all of the copies all cost! It doesn’t matter what happened to me I am okay, I didn’t listen that crap.”

“They bought it from a store, and bad thing is store owner don’t know what a damn thing this is, this is some kind of a black magic curse thing, I don’t believe that kind of stuff but we learned that this album’s real name is 4:44 AM. No one knows who is the person behind this or when this is recorded.”

“Is someone has listened it? I know sounds odd, dangerous but I feel we should find out, I think there is a hidden message in that or a subliminal message push people to suicide. I would be a volunteer, enough deaths already!”

“This is dangerous!”

“Are we have destroyed the copies already?”

“Yes we have destroyed many of them but there are still remains but no problem no one will able to reach it. Are you sure about this?”

“Maybe this is about someone who murdered or a lost case have forgotten. We better to find out.”

(Two hours later)

I am sorry Jerry but I had to stole one of the copies, I have to see it by myself. Sometimes you go through it to understand the s**t.
I am ready…

(Music melody)

(Sad music melody)

I don’t know I feel so sad for no reason.
Why my mood changes out of the blue?
Man it gets more sadder and darker.
Alright put yourself together and stay calm and repeat it!
I am going to blackout…

Where am I?
Am I still alive?
I feel like I hit by a bus, I am in a cabin in that forest.
This is that girl’s picture in the desk and her name is Martha Kacey.
I don’t know how I get here guess I am dreaming.
This is that girl she is in the outside watching the moon.

Hey come here!
I am here to help you.
Don’t go please!
I lost her again!
My head again, I am falling just like having a bad trip earthquake happened and ground crumbling.
There was a hole here. It’s gone now.

(Child noises playing in background)

(Baby Crying)

Creepy empty dark corridors this is not my thing and a door.

“I will make you famous Martha.”

“Just as I promised you.”

So James Jefferson is the who recorded it because that f****r says it. But that doesn’t explain why people commit to suicide. And he is the one who recorded the song in the first place but who made it to a song and tried to sell it?

I should search more maybe another door.

(Telephone Rings)

A telephone?

“Hey hello?”

“Hi Kyle.”

“What do you want?”

“Do you want the answers?”

“Who are you?”

“I am you, your broken side…”

“That doesn’t make sense.”

“It will but first I should tell you this, you are not even exist, you are just a story on the internet, you are not even the creator of your story.”


“Your life and everything is just a story not real but are you really ready?”

“To what you dumbass?”

“To face with your sins. Do you really remember how you hit a dog by a car or caused someone to die, you are not perfect as you thought do you?”


“I am here, I always desired that moment Kyle, killing you and ending your senseless misery. Just continue to walk Kyle I am coming to kill you!”

“You don’t suppose to do that, I don’t fear you! You are not me.”

“Have you faced with yourself Kyle? Here is mirror room for you to see your ugly face, I am gonna kill you slowly!”

“I said I don’t fear you, I know I am not perfect now try to t******y bullets.”

“You goddamn!”

“Alright tough guy you won.”

“She wasn’t a human Kyle, she was the devil and do you know that devil loves being in a sheep clothing, she devoured all of that loser’s souls. They wanted to love by her, they thought she was some kind of angel but they were wrong, that losers killed by their own sinner twisted phantoms and you are the only person who denied it. She manipulated them to have their own souls. So don’t be deceived by her own appearance, if you follow her to the light, she will have your soul… And take this, spear of the judgment this will sent that b*****d where it belongs. If you would saw her real appearance you would lost your mind out of the fear. And here is the address. Be careful!”

I have to wake up there is a crazy stuff right here I don’t know what is real anymore.

(So I walked and walked all the dark corridors and met with the devil itself or this is just a stupid hallucination)

“Come with me Kyle, to the my heaven. You deserve your freedom, serenity, peace and finally some rest. I will give you love as you always hoped for… My world is peaceful with the rainbows and all of sun and peaceful positivity, I will hug you so tight. Come to my world.”

“No you are liar!”

“Don’t cry my child I love you.”

“I don’t believe you! Ha how is that feels you traitor, I know you were an ugly demon and last thing; red is not a creative color!”

(Then I wake up and crushed that unholy music tape!)

When I woke up, I seen a note and it was an address. Maybe this is where that crazy f****r’s hiding. Time to end this craziness once and for all.

“Hey Jerry I got it. I know where that punks hiding. Meet me in the subway and get some backup!”

(20 minutes later)

“So they are hiding in an abandoned apartment. Typical. And Kyle, why in God’s name that you stole one of a copy? You wanted to get yourself killed?”

“No I just tried to understand what is going on. You guys destroyed all of copies?”

“Yes and burned them all.”

“I am kicking the door 1 2 3…”

“Police!!! Hands Up!! Surrender you stupid basement dwellers!!”

It smells so bad!

Yeah blood lake all over again…

Looks like they had a seppuku party here. They made a good inner sanctum for being that kind of losers. They butchered themselves for good, look at this place like a slaughterhouse, all bad guys are dead.

Why they look so sleepy, this place needs more energy.

Oh my God, and I thought my jokes are bad…

All of that stupid pentagrams and creepy drawings everywhere, I can’t believe that losers tried to kill the whole city!

How can you be sure this is the right place?

Just look at the picture, it is at 3 o’clock, in the north. This the little girl that I saw in my dream.

What was her name?

Martha Kacey.

There is a diary that explains how this craziness occurred in a first place but you won’t believe this.

“On the night of the Halloween we tried to summon our Lord, Queen Of The Darkness, our Messiah but it would require a lot of blood of course so we found some homeless people and sacrificed them but this wasn’t enough for her so we sacrificed some of our members too. We always knew this day would come and we had prepared. It was only for her, for her paradise. Then she came with the flesh of the fallen angel, she was happy and that made us happy once more. When we firstly summoned her and when first she came it was 4:44 AM. The time of the awaken and the paradise. We feed her with the blood, she wasn’t hungry anymore. And she requested her last wish; she wanted a human body, a little innocent child form, with a beautiful voice. So we used black magic and give her an innocent child form and she have signed her first beautiful song, we named her Martha…”

Man this is next level craziness, I can’t believe this, I don’t think anyone will believe this.

For some reason when she said, “Don’t cry my child I love you.”

This hit me hard because I lost my mother when I was a kid…

“I am sorry Kyle, I am sure that we all need a good therapist after this.”

(A shadowy figure appears in the back)

So this was my weirdest case, people died because of a song singed by a demon or yeah sounds odd I know it.
Good thing is people blame that mysterious cult not some complicated stuff. I already know that the cult relates to an old ghost town in Pennsylvania. I am the only person knows it and I think that story doesn’t ends in here, I should find where the rabbit hole goes…


  • KillerF999

    Overall the story was better than expected but the only problem was GRAMMAR. I didn’t expect that there would be any grammatical inaccuracies but I found a ton of them which just killed the interest of reading the story. Four stars from me.