1st July 2017

It was a dank night in London and Dan was still awake, he had sat down on his grey sofa gripping his cup of coffee close to his chest. It was 12:58 P.M. and Dan couldn’t sleep. It wasn’t the music from across the street, it wasn’t the heat of the fire, it was the date. July 1st.

Dan had always hated this day as he was paranoid something would go wrong. Alex had woken up. He was wondering why Dan wasn’t in the cozy bedroom they shared in their university flat.

“Are you coming to bed, Dan?” he asked.

No answer.

“Dan!” He repeated. Still no answer. Alex gave up. He knew Dan wouldn’t listen. As the clocks clicked over the 12 on the clock, Dan twitched.

Bang. Bang. Bang.

Something was banging on the window of the 3rd story flat. As the thing at the window stood staring at Dan, he got a good look at it. Suddenly, he remembered, 10 years ago today, Phil passed away. Dan knew he could have stopped his death. Dan beat himself up about it everyday.

The thing. It had a strong resemblance of Phil and Dan started to panic. Was it a dream? Is he losing the plot?


It had broken through the double glazing glass and was approaching Dan. Its bottom lip drooped as it attempted to speak.

“Phil…” it said pointing to himself.

“No,this can’t be happening!” Dan exclaimed. He had come back for his revenge.

As Phil raised his wounded arm the remainder of the glass shattered. As a shard flew into Dan’s head, Dan screamed with pain.

“Why did this have to happen to me?” he asked himself.

But it was too late, Phil had raised his stubby fist and grabbed Dan’s heart.

Dan screamed, “Why me!?” he asked in a weak voice.

Final words.

  • dark-phan

    What kind of phanfiction did I find ;u;

  • SoulessGingerXO

    You have your AMs and PMs mixed up if it’s supposed to be night

  • IronMosquito

    Dan and Phil? What even was this???