You’re Not Alone

This story is based on my life
Actually it’s your life too. Or will be

Hello. It’s 1:25am in the morning and I’m not even kidding. My names Ruchi.. as if you care. Anyways I’m not gonna write an average once a read spooky ghost story. No.
I want to get real
Want to get real about life

What do you want to achieve in your life? Ask that question to yourself. THINK

Now if you’ll be around 11 to 15 years of age, you’ll be having all those extra enthusiastic thoughts about your future. Before you go on i want to tell you something. I was in the exact same place as yours. I wanted to become a physicist, nuclear chemist, animation artist and god what not. But soon everything was possibly ruined by the simple idea of earning well. You have to take care of your self in the future, let alone your separate entire family. And for that to happen, you need money. If you’ll have a plain vanilla degree you’ll get an average job hence average salary and thus a boring life. Thinking about this i chose engineering from a very respected college, keeping all my dreams aside.
I thought it would be okay coz i have my friends. Yeah. The “bff” kinda thing.
Now if your age ranges from 16 to 23, you’ll probably know or relate to this.
Taking engineering and thinking your friend circle will save you from the burden of it? Wrong. People change. They always do. So did my friends. After entering college, we got into different fields. No problem. But the problem rose when they got into drinking, smoking and that kind of s**t. Their egoistic nature fairly developed hatred towards each other. My perfect group was now a fu*king lamest joke to me. My best friends indulging in such things only at the age of 16.It hit me. The difference between the real and the fake ones. Sadly i was only having the latter.I didn’t even thought i would be a part of this. The worst part: i had to be WITH them, i had to be a part of the s**t circus they’re putting up even if i didn’t wanted to. So yeah, this was the period in my life when i was not distracted, but illegally distracted even if i didn’t wanted to. Call it peer pressure or whatever but when your in my place, you’d do it too.
Now to all those above 24 years, I’m talking about the people who have just entered into the working-job phase
I got one question for you
Is this what you really want?
Working in shifts, paycheck to paycheck, average salary, average life, retirement and then.. Death.. It’s really hard to break this cycle and you know it.This thought exists in your back of your mind but your just too afraid to face it. You know when you wake up and this thought resurfaces in your mind but soon gets ignored because your probably late for your s**k up job. You can never run away from this reality and that’s the scariest part of this. You know it too well that if you don’t have a game plan for this you would have nothing to wait for.. Except death. After you die,some people may cry,i.e your family and very few friends. After few days people might mourn for your death ,no few people would actually care about you. After a week or so, everybodys life is back to normal. It’s just a person’s death after all. You-don’t-really-matter. I’m talking about the world. As your reading this do you imagine how many people are dying in this second right now. But the world is not stopping. It doesn’t care.

Wrong,it doesnt care for average people like you. And the best part of this?
Your not alone.

  • Book Wyrm

    That got really serious.
    Really makes you think huh?
    Thanks for writing this.

    • Ruchi

      Thanks for the feedback 🙂

    • Ruchi

      Thanks for the feedback. This is just how i think 🙂

  • Ruchi

    Guys, this is my 1st story.Im uploading another reality based stories soon so please check them out too 🙂
    And don’t forget to share your thoughts too 🙂

  • rafif arkan

    Reality hurts ya know

  • SkullNboNes

    Wow, very deep

  • Simon

    Spooky… Actually, no, it’s not spooky. But I guess you warned me from the start, so…
    Still, if you really want to write about how the world doesn’t care about anyone and all that, do something more with that concept other than telling me about how I’m going to die and noone’s gonna care. Tell an actual story, show different characters with different traits and flaws react to the harshness of the world in different ways, based on these trairs and flaws, have them do bad things in a desperate attempt to break away from the endless cicle of their day-to-day existance, etc.
    This here’s fine and it’s definitely better than the tons and tons of edgy “X the Killer” stories and other bad crap I’ve seen, but it ain’t really scary.

  • childwonder

    The story’s not really spooky until you realize you’re 13 and want to be a physicist, nuclear chemist, and animation artist in the future. tbh For a split second i thought i was being stalked.