Her name is Wish. Her real name was Nevaeh May flime. She was a beautiful young woman. She was perfect in every way. Her hair was black as the darkest corners. Her eyes as green as the brightest leaves in the summer time. Her skin was tan as the fresh dirt.

One day she went to the market for something for her mother’s candy shop. She went to get sugar and when she stood up she bumped into a man. She said, “I’m so sorry” as she met his beautiful blue eyes she knew met the boy of her dreams. He said, “Are you ok ma’am?” She nodded and he helped her with the rest of her shopping.

He said his name was Nick. He walked her to her mother’s candy shop. When he was about to leave he had asked her, “Is it ok if I come by and pick you up sometime?” She smiled and simply nodded and walked behind the counter.

After about a year of them going out he had asked her to marry him. She said, “yes I will just to be close to you.” She loved him with all her heart and her soul. His parents never liked wish. They went as far as forbidding him from seeing her. She came from a poor family and they were from the upper class. Nick’s parents would do anything to keep them away from each other.

He went off to war and the made up a story that he fell down a well just to spite her. She was heart-broken. She physically was in pain. She cried till she had no tears left to cry. She even started to physically break. Her face started to crack, peel, and tore. She tried to keep her mouth from cracking, peeling and tearing by stitching it shut only it didn’t work.

It tore so bad it looks she looks like she is always smiling. When everyone saw this they would hide from her. They use to whisper be hide her back and say she was a monster, Satan’s son, or a witch. It hurt her so bad that she vowed to hurt those who hurt her. So she started to go to people, men mostly, and ask “Am I pretty?” when they say yes or no she would say, “You made your choice,” and kill them.

If they said yes she would slit their throat till the blood sprayed all over. Then she would keep them from screaming she stitch their mouth shut. She felt that they made a selfless choice she was merciful on them. If they said no she would kill them slowly with small cuts so bleed out slowly and painfully as they screamed and begged her to end it all. After they died she would stitch their mouth shut as she saw they had no heart what so ever.

She met Nick in well-lit street she knew right away it was him. He was as handsome as ever. She knew she had to ask him if she was pretty with tears running down her face wishing he was someone different. He said, “Yes you have always have been and always will be.” He had a twinkle in his eye. She ran up and hugged him. She whispered, “I’m sorry I have to do this.” She slit his throat as the blood poured out she cried and said I love you so much. She stitched his mouth shut and pulled him to his family’s door.

Like a ghost she knocked on the door and disappeared. When his mom and dad found Nick they screamed and cried. His mom called the police. When they came she told them that wish had killed her baby. They didn’t believe her.

The funnel was a week later. It was thundering and lightening as the rain fell. Wish waited till everyone was gone so she can say her good byes and as her tears ran down her face she told him how much she loved him. She ran to the well her hair had turned white and her eyes had lost their brightness. A little while later she heard someone say, “I love you too.” She turned and looked shocked at what she saw. It was Nick his neck was still split open.

She smiled and said, “You’re alive.” He hugged her and kissed her. She stitched his neck together. They talked about what had happened. She looked at him with a sparkle in her eyes and asked, “Nick now that your back will you help me?”

He looked at her with the tears in his eye. He said, “Yes I will be your watcher.” As he said that the well started to glow and smirk and simply, “Your well watcher.” Now they walk the streets asking people if they’re pretty he is now known as well watcher.

  • Dark_Temmie

    REALLY?! That’s my real name!

    • Alice siren balor

      Really?!?! That’s cool

  • teresa robinson

    How does this have 5 stars? Not a very well executed story at all. The idea was great but was very hard to read and understand at times… Try proof reading before posting so that the reader understands you better.

    • Alice siren balor

      Thank u for ur feedback I’ll take that and use it for my next story

  • Alice siren balor

    If u guys liked this one then I think u will like my next one it’s about Nick and tells his story.