Winter Soldiers

It scares me every time it comes to my mind and I will never forget this day.

On a sunny summer day I woke up home alone. I had no idea where my brothers nor my parents went. I got breakfast and went downstairs. It seemed messier than the usual, but then I remembered that my aunt and her kids are staying with us. Like most of the beach houses, our rooms had big balconies fronting the beach. It had an amazing view and lightning. We also had a big grass terrace in the first floor.

While I was drinking my coffee in the terrace, I spotted two weirdly looking men wearing winter clothes in the beach, they gave me the creeps. I went back in quickly so they don’t notice me, especially that I was alone. When I got in, I saw a little pink dinosaur toy moving, more like alive. I have no idea why wasn’t I scared or surprised. I went to grab a camera to record it and suddenly my aunt appeared from no where. I told her about the pink toy and she gave me a weird look, then she took the toy and showed me that first of all it is not alive and second thing it was made from glass and it was not a dinosaur. She thought I was on something and gave me another weird look.

She went to the terrace to knit. My aunt has never knitted in her life. She sounded so old yet looked as her young self. Her as well was in winter clothes while it was the hottest summer ever. I didn’t know what was happening. I was wearing some black sweatpants with a red strip on the side and white cropped tank top aka my pjs. I tried to go back to my room and sit in my balcony to take some pictures, but every time I took the stairs, I got back on the other side of the house where my aunt is knitting.

It had a view of a forest leading to the golf field, the forest was really dangerous and it was banned to go there. I tried to go to my room again and yet again here I am at the foot of the terrace leading to the forest. The men suddenly appeared in the woods, and this time they spotted me. They kept giving me weird sexual signs and yelling things like “Oh if I lay my hand on you, Imma treat you like chicken”, “Baby come here and taste this”.

I was scared for my life, and what scared me the most was my 36 years old aunt who aged to 80 years old with white hair STILL knitting, but looking straight to the woods, hands bleeding. I knew if I tried to go back in the house I’ll comeback to the same place, but yet again I tried, and this time, there was like a big large step between the house and the woods and I was on the tip of that stair hanging tight to the wall separating the two. Suddenly I heard hard footsteps coming into the house.

My heart started racing. I knew it was them. He, who seemed the leader, was wearing a white tank top, black sweatpants as well, a dark blue beanie and had his coat and shovel wrapped around his arm. He had a dirty mustache and big bushy eyebrows and somehow I could tell he’s bald. He scared me the most. I knew he was going to r**e me. Eight of them all looking straight out of the north pole with big baggy winter clothes entered the terrace, and there was me crying hanging from a wall. I knew it, I knew I was going to die. I closed my eyes and prayed that wouldn’t touch my aunt. I remembered all the times they warned us about the woods, now I knew why, I was about to give up.

Then something happened that nobody would have ever expected. They glanced at my aunt for a split second, and out of nowhere, the eight of them apologised to her, saying that they didn’t see her, and they apologised again for any disturbing. Then they walked right passed me but I will never forget what the bald man whispered in my ear, “Next time you’ll be alone, and we will know it.”

They disappeared to thin air into the woods. I got back to the house terrified not knowing what the f**k just happened. I asked my aunt what the heck was going on and she had no idea what I was talking about. I wiped the tears off my cheeks. I wore baggy clothes, closed the curtains in my room and tried to fall asleep, but the thoughts of what those man could have done to me never leave my mind.