Windy from Hell – Part 8

This is Dr. Williams filling in for Dr. Johnson. It appears that Dr. Johnson met with an accident regarding the John Doe, which is still in our care here at the hospital.

I continue this log as I have listened to the last log that Dr. Johnson left, the log about the patient and what happened to him. Dr. Johnson was planning to interview the man currently in our care but had a terrible accident regarding the John Doe.

I wasn’t on duty at the time, so I don’t really know what happened. I only know what I had heard from mouth of word. It’s said that apparently Doctor Johnson and our resident psychologist were going to interview our patient but as they went to the patients room, everything appeared to be okay and the patient was laying in bed writing in his journal. However, the patient was said to have been laughing hysterically and talking to himself in hushed murmurs and as Dr. Johnson approached the John Doe in question. He lifted his gaze up at Dr. Johnson with a menacing smile plastered across his face, he remained that way for several moments before responding with “Have you come to play with me? I love to play! Just like how she played with me that night”

Dr. Johnson shook his head in response and calmly said “no I’m not here to play. I’m here to ask you some questions about what happened to you that night”

The patient tilted his head in curiosity and he responded with. “It’s very simple doctor. I was getting too close for my own good and she wanted to play with me and she got a little too rough. She wants to play with all of us. She wants to play until we’re all dead.”

The doctor was a little shocked by the man’s response, then he went on to ask “can you tell me who this little girl is?”. The patient responded with “her name is Windy and she is a demon in the form of a little girl, but she’s not a little girl at all. She’s a f*****g monster who just wants to play.” After the patient said this he started to break down and cry Dr. Johnson reached out to try to comfort the man but once he touched the patient. He started to flip out and he grabbed Dr. Johnson’s arm and took a huge bite out of it, ripping the flesh from the bone with his own teeth. Dr. Johnson screamed in agony as the blood trickled down his arm and splattered onto the floor. Dr. Johnson immediately called the orderlies to sedate the John Doe and sought medical attention.

When they finally got the man restrained, sedated and calm again. The patient started to doze off to sleep but before he did, the man muttered in hushed breaths “she’s here and she won’t leave until she plays with every last one of you.” Soon after, the patient lost consciousness and then he finally fell asleep.

Meanwhile Dr. Johnson was in the emergency room getting his wound tended to and sutured up. Everything seemed to be okay but what I’m about to tell you, well it  just seems very weird even though I was told this actually happened, It just seems like something out of this world. A work of fiction, but it wasn’t.

After Dr. Johnson was all patched up, he began getting ready to go home. That’s when they said he began seeing a little girl out of nowhere that was wearing a white and blue dress and she had long red hair with white porcelain skin which was supposedly cracked and she bore these soulless eyes. The Dr seemed frantic as his supposed illusions worsened. The people that witnessed this just thought Dr. Johnson was exhausted and lost too much blood after the incident had occurred. They didn’t think nothing of it until he came in to work the next day. The Dr was severely paranoid, always looking over his shoulder. One of the nurses asked if he was alright but all he could say to her was “I don’t want to play right now. Too busy today.” Then he just walked into his office and no one else heard anything from him for the rest of the day until he got ready to go home

That’s when he started acting even more strange, he was very eager to get to his car and back home. Even one of the other doctors on staff were attempting to talk to him but they would only get a few words out of him and they were either excuses or the nonsensical ramblings of a madman. This kept going on for a while, about four months even after the biting incident with the John Doe patient. It continued until Dr. Johnson attempted suicide, by jumping two stories. Luckily the doctor survived, but now he’s currently in another hospital undergoing treatment because he refused to stay here for some unknown reason. So while he recovers, he will also receive psychiatric help once he gets released. While he’s at the hospital, the authorities went into his home to find out why he had that big of a breakdown and as they got there and went inside the place, they discovered that his house was in shambles and garbage was sprawled everywhere, furniture broken and on the walls written in a black goo-like substance were the words “come play with me”. The police were unnerved at what they had discovered. There was an interview with one of officers that was there and as they questioned him about the findings of the doctor’s home, all he could say was “it just felt unclean, like there was a presence there that shouldn’t have been. Something evil even”

After all this happened it seemed to die down after that and the John Doe in question is still in our care and still unable to provide any answers of what happened to him and the doctor he isn’t talking at all, not even the police can get questions out of Doctor Johnson. Apparently all the police were able to get out of him was illogical and indecipherable. It’s unknown to me precisely what the doctor said but I can only imagine it was along the lines of “Must go before she catches up with me. I don’t want to play with you”.

So that’s all I have to say for today on Dr. Johnsons log that I will be continuing on for him. This is Dr. Angela Williams signing out! Until next time. I hope we find some answers soo- wait what was that? I thought I heard a noise but I’m the only one here… “come play with me”… who’s there? Holy s**t! I don’t think I’m alone, I’m not alone. I definitely heard that… “will you be my new toy? Just like the others?”… who are you? what do you want?… “I want you, silly you’re my new toy and I love my new toys”… f**k I’ve got to get out of here. I’ve got to find some help, wait a minute is that a little girl? I could have sworn I saw a little girl with red hair and a blue dress- oh f**k Dr. Johnson was right…