Where Am I? – Part ll

But then I was spun around.

“Dance with me!” the guy in the black and grey colombina mask said squeezing my shoulder.

“No!” I shouted but weirdly I wasn’t attracting attention. I tried to push him off me but I couldn’t. “Get off!” I shouted, but he wouldn’t. Then I was spun around and had a knife to my throat.

“Dance! With! Me!” he whispered in my ear angrily.

He slowly brought me to the dance floor.

“Now dance with me my dear,” he said in a hypnotizing voice. I started to dance with him. I don’t know why, it felt like I was in a trance. We danced, we swayed, we twirled and spun it was like this until Desi got over here.

“Hey!” Desi shouted.

As she shouted hey it was like I was snapped out of the trance. I backed away slowly in horror.

“Wha… What did you do to me?” I asked looking at me and then at him.

“I used hypnotism on you,” he said that like it was no big deal!

“How can you say that like it’s no big deal?!” I yelled at him.

“Because it’s not,” he said simply. I got pissed off and left.

Desi caught up with me.

“So there are 438 people left off the night,” she said walking beside me. I looked at her confused.

“What do you mean by 438 people left?” I ask her.

“As in everyone else was killed accept for 438 people,” she said simply walking away. I just stood there in horror.

That’s when I finally looked around. There were bodies and blood on the dance floor and everyone was just dancing around. How am I still alive?!?! Seriously how did I make it this far?!?! I ran towards the door almost slipping on a pool of blood. When I made it to the door Liam was there.

Liam shook his pointer finger.

“You can’t leave! No one can leave till there is one left, until then enjoy your night!” Liam said walking away from the door. I tried opening the doors but they wouldn’t. I looked around in horror. I can’t get out! How can I get out? Will I get out? Oh my god I’m gonna die here.

Desi walked up to me.

“Is something wrong?” she asked looking up at me.

“How do I make it out alive?” I ask looking down at Desi.

“You have to be the last one alive, besides me and tuxedo guy,” she said smiling.

“Liam, his name is Liam,” I said simply.

Desi looked up at me and she looked confused. She had emotion…

“His name is Liam, tuxedo guy is Liam,” I said looking down at Desi.

“He has a name?” she asked.

“Yes I named him, and if you have a name he should have a name,” I said thinking I made a good statement.

“True you’re the first person to give him a name,” she said bluntly.

“Oh, I guess yeah,” I said remembering earlier.

“Okay bye!” Desi said walking away. I stand there stunned kinda. I have to be the last one alive I said to myself. How am I going to do that?

I leaned against the door and slid to the floor. I’m not gonna make it I’m gonna die before the night is over. I looked down at my feet and a head rolled over. I picked the head up, it was the women that stepped on my foot earlier. I looked to see the guy I was dancing with earlier.

“I killed her for you darling,” he said smiling an insane smile.

I was speechless, horrified, and mostly tired.

“Oh,” was all that came out of my mouth.

“Will you dance with me, again?” he asked.

“Um, may I used the bathroom first I never found it,” I said lying partly- I never actually found it.

“Yes, come with me,” he said putting his hand out for my to take. I hesitantly took it.

He took me to the bathroom. As soon as we got there I rushed in and started panicking.

“What am I gonna do?! I am surrounded by psychopaths!” I whisper yelled to myself. I started to pace around.

“Are you almost done in there?” the guy from earlier shouted.


“Um yeah just let me finish washing my hands!” I shouted back.

I turned on the tap and washed my hands. I calmly walked out with a fake smile.

“Hi, sorry I took long!” I apologized like he was normal and wasn’t gonna kill me. I was so terrified, I’m in a room with a bunch of killers. He took my hand and brought me to the dance floor. I wanted something to drink but one, I don’t know what the drinks are and I don’t wanna know and two, I’m supposed to be dancing.

We started slow dancing because that’s what kind of song was on. I wish I wasn’t here nor ever come here. I wanted to be home on my bed in my pajamas drinking hot chocolate eating popcorn while watching pretty little liars. I can’t be here I don’t want to. I was dancing with a creepy man, I was dancing in blood without shoes, and I’m at this stupid Massacre ball that I don’t wanna be at. I started to cry.

“I’m sorry,” I said continuing to cry.

“It’s okay just calm down,” he said simply.

“But I can’t. I’m at a massacre ball that I don’t wanna be at! I’m dancing in blood without shoes! And the only way I’ll make it out of here is if I’m the last one alive!” I ranted.

“How about we get you something to drink, yeah?” he asked.

“I can’t! I don’t wanna end up drinking blood! I’m already dancing in it!” I said crying it reminded me of one of the times Meredith was crying in Grey’s Anatomy.

“It’s okay you wouldn’t be drinking blood, it’s just pink lemonade,” he said smiling.

“So I wouldn’t b-be drinking blood?” I ask sniffling.

“No,” he said smiling. He wiped my tears and asked, “Are you calm now?” and I responded with “Kinda, I guess.”

“What’s your name?” I ask.

“Sebastian,” he said with a smile.

“I’m Victoria,” I said with a sniffle still calming down.

“I know,” he said kinda rudely but Imma ignore it.

“How?!” I kinda shout.

“Everyone here does,” he said so bluntly.

Sebastian started dragging me to the snack table. I almost slipped and I got some blood splatter on my face. Blood was almost completely covering my legs. Sebastian grabbed a cup and filled it with pink lemonade. Sebastian handed the cup to me.

“Thank you,” I said before taking a sip of lemonade.

“Y’know when I first met you I thought you had BPD,” I said smiling.

“Why?” he asked simply.

“Because you first seemed and acted nice. Then when I said no you got all mad and scared me. Now you’re being nice,” I said taking another sip.