We Are Slender

You may have heard of us before, we are the people under your bed, the monsters in your closet, the ghouls in the forest watching you breathe. We were those “fictional” characters you read in the dark, making you see things that weren’t there, who you thought was us. We are the natural monsters, the one’s that are real, we really are watching, we are always watching. You may not believe in us, or find us a cult made up of the failures of society, but we are in fact real, we are in fact living, not all of us are living today but who we are now, we are still breathing.

We are the monsters you think of, who you write about, talk about, sing, dance, draw about. Yes we are here, waiting for you, watching you, absorbing your sanity piece by piece until all that is left of you is a madman in a straight-jacket, or a person, waiting on death row. We are the “lunatics” who escaped the world’s grasp. We are waiting, we are slowly walking on your front yard, smiling in the peephole, waving at your camera, we are the people who have the secrets, we are the ones with hoods, who never take those hats off our heads, who disappear in a flash. Some of us are your closest friends, but even then, we won’t tell you, we are the few who can keep our secrets, without guilt. We have no remorse, no morals, no conscience. We could be that friendly man who gave you his seat on the bus, or that girl you helped when she tripped and fell to the ground, we are the least people you would expect to be the masterminds of insanity.

Have you ever heard of the déjà vu theory? The theory that there are multiple universes, that when you have a déjà vu moment, it is actually you crossing over with a parallel universe, so what you thought has happened before, actually had in another world, another alternate universe, well if you believe in that, then you believe in us, because in an alternate universe, the make believe monsters that was just ones imagination, does actually exists.

Do you believe that there are coincidences? Or that there is a higher being, or beings, controlling every situation, those of you may be right, those skeptics, those people who are most likely going to end up tied to a hospital bed, medication flowing through them, keeping them under, you should probably watch them, the “insane” people, because the ones you find scary, the monsters, are probably the ones who know something we do not, reason why they are so over the edge. You know what they say, the best people are crazy.

We are the ones who watch you, we may have no eyes, but we are always watching.

  • Rand Al’Thor

    Very good

  • Konner

    Lol I just set it where the words are blood red too yesterday. Great short little message thing. 3 1/2 stars

  • Brandon Barrett


  • 123KidZ

    Funny story I actually feel like I’m starting to lose my mind due to spiritual feelings, nightmares, supernaturals, and some people, I’ll make it through tho

    • Smetelil

      Yeah man, I’am starting lose my mind too and it’s weird

  • kory koon