Turn Back!!

I’m here to say something before I start the story, I appreciate your feed back in the comments but I have strep throat right now. I will make this story as creepy as I possibly can! I might also bring “My Story” to an end in the 7th part. I would rather bring something everyone likes than just having a few people liking it. So yeah, with that said I’ll start the story, by the way I got inspired from the game Resident Evil 7 and if you haven’t watched or finished Resident Evil 7 please know if you do NOT want the ending spoiled do NOT read this! At the end of this there is spoilers of the ending! Thanks for reading this before hand! By the way, I’m still a little scratchy with my writing skills!



“My god, what was that?!” Evyn said terrified. “E-Evyn! Where are you?!” Hannah said frantically searching for Evyn. “Hannah! Where are you?! Sister speak to me!!” Evyn yelled as she went to where she heard Hannah’s voice. “Evyn! Oh my gosh, I’m so scared! Where are we?!” Hannah asked well hugging Evyn like a bear.

“Ngh…..agh….” The noise echoed throughout the room they were in. “What was that?!” Hannah jumped and buried her face into Evyn’s shoulder. “It’s okay Hannah….I still have my knife with me.” Evyn said before holding Hannah. “Maybe we should try to find a way out…?” Hannah said in question unsure of what to actually do. “Yeah, we should move. It’s dangerous to stay in one area for to long….” Evyn’s voice trailed off looking in the direction of the sound in horror. “E-Evyn…? What is it?” Hannah asked as she turned around and saw that horrible creature……….

The horrible creature was a gooey black mass that took a humanized shape. No eyes, No mouth……Just a black gooey mass with a sharp looking blade for a hand walking towards them.

“Evyn!!!!” Hannah screamed like a dog barking. “Hannah run….” Evyn said letting go of Hannah. “But-” Hannah said. “GO! RUN! NOW!” Evyn yelled as she pushed Hannah away towards the exit. “Evyn!” Hannah screamed. “Meet me in the living room in apartment 109!” Evyn yelled to Hannah before being cut my the Gooey black creature.

2 hours later in apartment 109, Living Room…..

“Evyn, where are you?! Please don’t be dead…..Oh god please don’t be….” Hannah said well sobbing in the corner uncontrollably.

7 minutes later in apartment 109, Living Room……..

The door squeaked as Evyn opened it wondering if Hannah, her little sister made it. “H-Hannah..! Oh god, your alive!” Evyn said in relief. “Evyn! Your okay!!!” Hannah said jumping up and hugging her sister. They both sar down on the sofa. “Hannah, you should rest….I’ll sing you a song to help you sleep too!” Evyn said smiling at Hannah. “Okay, I do need some sleep at lest….” Hannah said laying down to get ready to sleep. “Okay, I’ll sing ‘Chains’….” Evyn said as she started singing her little sister asleep…………during their sleep Evie gave them a vist….hehe…!


Little did they know…………………..There would be no tomorrow……cause they’d be one of those monster’s created by this little girl named Eveline/Evie, who wanted a family but tried to get one in the wrong way……forcing people into being a family…..and Mia watched as they we’re torn a part, one limb after another……..It’s not fair that Mia and her husband were able to make it and not them…..welp! To bad I guess, but Evyn and Hannah had it coming since, they sort of released Evie in the first place, Haha!

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