It is really hard to go to new schools, especially you just transferred. I was really nervous when I just got transferred to school called “S” where it is just a couple blocks in our house. I was very lonely cause, I still have no friends, until the teacher in music got here. She was a new teacher, my classmate said, so I my nervousness has gone away, so lets skip that. So when I watch some of the Creepypasta videos in YouTube, I got obsessed with it, it’s like I wanna be one of them.

Then I went to the forest to see Slenderman until the sun setting and no luck spotting Slenderman, but I found a flute laying on the ground. My curiosity just got higher and picked it up and leave cause it’s almost night. When I got home I never talk to my family about the flute I found nor my friends, so it just me. “Shall we try it,” I said, when the moment I play a music using the flute, I hear words from the unknown, I could hear clearly, I could even hear the foots step of our cat like a bell. So I don’t know if it is curse or just a normal flute that I picked up.

When I am gonna play another music, my father go into my room and rush to the flute on my hand and trying to get it from until he got it and hide it. I was shocked cause father never do such a thing if there is no reason. So I had a feeling that I had never before, I could not explain it by myself but I think I was being mad person and a crazy person. I can’t even sleep but in my head I can only think is the flute. I was rushing to my father’s room with a knife on my hand, and trying to kill my father for getting the flute and asked where is the flute, he said, “That flute is evil,” then he passed by the cause of bleeding in his stabbed wounds.

Then I spotted the flute from my father’s drawers, and I played a music so it can prove it is my flute. Since I have a blood stains in my clothes I have no second choice but to kill my family, after I have killed them, I burned the place and the back of our house, I am playing with my flute. I went to the forest and play my flute, and when someone went close I stabbed them and their screams is my goal, and saying “How’s My Music?”

  • Milli

    Unbearable to read. The language is horrible, so is the structure and “content” of the story. You need a lot more practice, pal. Sorry. It was just really bad.

  • Puddin Tane

    To painful to read. Did you not pay attention in Englush class in grade school when they taught sentence structure. Also, how to tell a story? You’re all over the place with this thing. Scrap it and start all over.

  • Mara Blessing

    I agree with everything the other two posted. I couldn’t even under stand any of this.

  • Simon

    No, seriously. What?