The Watchers

Have you had the uneasy feeling in the back of your mind that someone or something is watching you? that cold chill down your spine as if someone is breathing right on you? Well that’s no strange coincidence or just your mind playing tricks on you, no it’s something more foul and dark. He can’t be seen but rather felt by his presence, as if on another plane of existence. I never thought too hard about it, until my family reunion that is.

It started simple enough, the family laughing and the young ones playing. While everyone catches up with each other, I sit silently on a lawn chair away from everyone else. You see I never really had a good relationship with my family and I just felt better secluded from them. Anyhow, I sat there when I’m guessing my uncle walks up to me. “Hey champ, we’re almost done grilling if you wanna tag along and eat.” I stare blankly at him as he just simply shrugs and walks away.

Time passes as everyone heads inside since it’s getting darker. I stay out a little longer, enjoying the peace when I start to feel a liquid run down my cheek. I get a napkin to wipe it off to reveal that my nose was bleeding. I clean my nose when all of a sudden my whole body grows cold. I can barely move as my brain is telling me to head inside. After that day, I continued to get these weird cold tingled in my body and I just couldn’t quite describe it.

I grow wanting to know more on what happened that day and if anything even caused it. I’ve felt him many times recently, maybe it’s a sign for something. Whatever it is, I know it’s there watching me with its non visible eyes. I swear sometimes I get the feeling and I can hear it breathing behind me. I know one day it’ll reach its hand out to me and when that day comes, I can finally join the others.

  • Ellie Holt

    It’s not bad, but it could use a lot more detail. Also, quick question, “when I start to feel a liquid run down my cheek. I get a napkin to wipe it off to reveal that my nose was bleeding” – how do you feel your bloody nose running down your cheek? Maybe think about these specifics. 3/5 stars.

  • Korra Thunderstrom

    The idea is adequate but the execution w a c k i n g