The Twins


A pair of 11 year old twin girls explored the woods with their parent’s consent. They played a short game of tag through the woods, which ended abruptly when they reached the other side. And it wasn’t how they imagined it being:

A plain open-field covered in short green grass. The twins explored this open area, soon coming across a small white house surrounded by purple and pink flowers. They went inside, excited to see that it was empty, with only a single chair and table sitting inside. They now have a house, where they’ll create rules of their own and play all day long.

They played and played, until one of the twins heard scratching noises coming from the ceiling. They both looked up, wondering what this strange noise could be. They heard it again, but saw nothing. When the scratching paused at one place, one of the twins looked at her sister’s hair pointing upwards. Both were fascinated at how this happened. The scratching suddenly became audible again, running across the pale white walls into a large hole at the floor in the wall. The twins peered inside, wanting to know who or what this invisible creature was. And when they did, they heard breathing along with a soft grow. And for a quiet moment of close listening, one twin felt herself fly backwards as something hit her face. It grabbed her, making her scream in terror,

“IT’S ON MY FACE!” She was able to feel tiny claws grabbing her face. An invisible creature was there, and very real. The other twin watched, not able to act as she was scared frozen. Then her sister became silent after several minutes of scratching her own face. She breathed quietly, still with her eyes closed.

“Miriam?” The sister called, taking a step toward her sister. Her footsteps creaked the wooden floorboards supporting them.

Miriam looked up at her sister, her eyes still closed. “Elizabeth…do you want to be together forever?”

Miriam shook, not able to recognize the voice of her own sister, for it was scratchy and low. Elizabeth twitched, throwing herself at Miriam. Miriam fought Elizabeth back as she grabbed her face.

“What is wrong with you?!” Miriam was scared, and yelped when her sister scratched her face and pierced her bare skin.

“Stay with me!” Elizabeth growled, her hand wrapped around her sister’s. And for a second, their hands began to conjoin, becoming one. Miriam cried in pain as she attempted to pull herself free. Their skins melting into each other. Their white dresses wrapped around them like a mummy, stained in red, looking like flesh. Miriam lost the fight against her sister and became a conjoined monster with an objective to find others to be a part of.

Their friend, Amelia, came looking for them after hours passed. She shouted their names, looking around the forest area until she came into an unknown area. An open grass field with a single house located in the middle. She thought, perhaps, they might be in there. So she went inside, and this became her last regret as she came across a large figure. It was dark, shadows growing and hiding what was below knee length.

Amelia called out the twins’ names, “Miriam? Elizabeth?” She didn’t know who the figure could be. And when it became apparent, it was a conjoined being wrapped in a fleshy cloth like a mummy. Two faces with only mouths, and a head barely full of strings of chocolate brown hair with one stained white bow. When Amelia screamed, the being turned to face at her. An eyeball emerged on the surface of their red face, a smile forming.

Amelia,” they murmured in a sluggish and broken voice. With that, they limped toward her, separating in attempt to catch her in the middle of themselves as they separated. Sharp bone and intestines sticking out. “Be with us.”

Amelia couldn’t move, as she felt her body stay solid. She wanted to move, but somehow she couldn’t. Maybe it was their eye holding her down in place. Good bad she couldn’t peel her eyes away. Once they wrapped their damp flesh around her, it took a while to determine if she was compatible. And she wasn’t. So she slowly began to die–disintegrating into a liquid-y mush that fed them. Since then, nobody has seen or heard of them ever again.

  • Love2Bscared

    Good story except for the ending. It was more like the story just abruptly stopped right in the middle.