The Thing from the River

There was a river next to the town I live in. It’s a small town with small amount of houses. Anyway, this story takes place a couple of months ago. I was outside hanging out with my friend Stephen when he told me this story about a strange creature who sank a lot of boats in the past and that it returns every 10 years to eat someone and after its meal was finished, he would go back to sleep at the bottom of the river. He wanted to make the story more and more creepy, but I didn’t believe him, since a thing such as a fish monster couldn’t exist. Well, let’s just say that I should’ve listen to my friend that day. A couple of days later, in the middle of the night, I heard a loud scream coming from outside. I went out as quietly as possible and went to Stephen’s house and told him what happened. He looked worried and had this terrified expression.

“We gotta go there now.”

We grabbed some flashlights and ran into the forest. When we were there, walking to where the screaming was coming from, we found a torn backpack and blood traces. I was getting creeped out by this and told Stephen to leave, but he didn’t listen. We walked even farther. Suddenly, we heard the screams again. The blood traces lead to a cabin. We got inside there and saw the thing that still haunts me to this day. It was the fish creature from the river that Stephen was talking about earlier. The creature got its razor sharp teeth into the girl’s neck and chopped out her head. There was blood everywhere. Stephen and I started to run as fast as possible. When we finally walked out of the woods, I turned and looked back. The creature was holding the girl’s head.

The next morning, I tried to tell my parents about it but they didn’t believe me. A couple of days later, we moved from that town because my dad got a promotion to the city. While I was saying goodbye, Stephen told me to meet up here again. While we were driving through the woods, I saw it. The creature was holding the girl’s head again and it raised its finger across its neck.

10 years have past since then and I drove back to that town to see if the creature have come back. I walk back into the cabin and saw the creature and next to it I saw Stephen’s dead body on the floor. The creature just starred at me and said:

“Do you wanna die?”