The Tale of Wendylin Wayne

Wendylin Wayne was eight years old, she loved a boy named Gary Gold. But Gary Gold, couldn’t say the same, for there were rumors that put poor Wendylin in vain. These rumors, harsh, but seemed so heavenly true. Said that Wendy was a witch, practicing horrible voodoo. The kids on the playground, so vicious, they call her bad names, so Wendylin cried. The teachers cared not, taught what they thought, and paid no attention to Wendylins distraught.

“I cannot love you,” Gary told Wendy. “Being seen with you is not very trendy, you’re a witch!” he said in a few quick screeches. “You’ll stab me, then boil me, then feed me to leeches!” his voice echoed.

“Oh please, oh please!” Wendylin cries, looking so beautiful, through the glimmer in her eyes. “Those are lies, such lies, big lies, such terrible lies! My love for you is a tremendously large size.”

“I’m so sorry, Wendy. Just leave me in peace. Speak to me again and I’ll call the police!” said Gary, slamming the door behind him, leaving only and echo, that’s just too much to bear.

Soon, years went passed, and the tables had turned. Wendylin had grown gorgeous, while Gary, had burned. Filled with his pride, and his disgusting concede, Gary was lost in his unmeasurable greed. So soon, on one fine day the third of May, she approached Gary Gold and started to say, “What happened to you, Gary? You’re greedy and cold, but in my own eyes, you’re still Gary Gold. I’ve loved you the same since day number one.”

But Gary was scared, he wanted to run. “Had I not been so vague?” he told her in fear. “You are a witch!” he shouted with a few quick screeches. “You’ll stabs me, and boils me, and feed me to leeches!”

But Wendy’s strong heart, it throbbed and it throbbed for Gary all these years, had turned into a snob. “Those were lies, big lies, such terrible lies! My love for you is at a tremendously large size!” Gary was disturbed at this feeling he felt, and what heart he had left, started to melt.

Celebration would follow, their heart raced. And before they knew of, they had finished their vows.

In their honeymoon suite in room ‘666’, he says, “I’m so sorry Wendy, for those years when we were kids. You were falsely accused for a crime you hadn’t done. I see now that you are just a girl, and quite a beautiful one.”

In Wendylin mind, she had not forgotten for those horrible times. When the time, they said she would get better, for she had only gotten worse. Her face got all torn up. He was strapped in an asylum, for those who have committed a crime.

“Don’t worry, you’ll get better soon!” said the doctor with a grin on his face. She felt something sharp, touch against her skin, a needle right beside her embedded, with a little tiny thread. She felt her face go round and round in circles. Her eyes darkened, and her mouth opened. A shriek as sheer terror, was unleashed from the witch, which she had become. Her memories were folding around her, like two pieces of bread. She then caught eye of her lover, Gary Gold, shocked at what he just saw.

“I guess I was wrong,” said Wendy, in a demonic voice. She shoved her hand through Gary’s neck, smiling at the unwillingness of gurgles he made. Red paint was around the walls, but she was still smiling waiting for him to fall. She threw him up, high into the sky and his head hit the edge, of a huge shower bowl.




“I hope you learned your lesson, you arrogant little b***h. Never trust Wendylin Wade, the wicked, wicked, witch.”

  • Chloe

    Can you give Brandon Rogers credit please? This was his story that he wrote. Thank you