The Tale of the Two Doors

I opened my eyes. I was in a small cubic room. All the walls and the ceiling were gray. There was a white lamp painting all my sight. I was naked, in the ground and with a headache.

On my right side, a pale door. On my left side, also a pale door. I got up and started to shiver. ‘Where am I? What I’ve done? Who am I?’ all these thoughts, breaking the silence in that peaceful room. There was peace there… a disturbed one, but peace. I fell down to the ground, shaking and regurgitating. Suddenly, a endless voice came from nowhere, starting a conversation with me:

“Albert Freeman, thirty-two years old, engineer, father of two little kids. Married with Jasmine, a chemist.”

“Where… am… I?!”

“You’re in Hell, Mr. Freeman. You’ve died from a heart attack.”

“But… I… cannot… remember… all of these!”

“Of course you can’t, Mr. Freeman. We erase your memories.”

“What… And… why… I’m in Hell?!”

“You did worse things to your family, Mr. Freeman. You’re an evil person.”

“But… what… I’ve… done?!”

“I cannot answer right now, Mr. Freeman. But I can advertise you this: you have to choose one door, one last time, one more time.”


I started to cry when the endless voice faded away. I was alone with my questions and thoughts. ‘Am I a monster? Of course not!” I tried to say to myself. Then, I look to the two doors. I’d to choose one door. But why? If there was hell, why choose a door? ‘Maybe I’ll choose my eternal punishment,’ I thought, ‘But why I cannot see the punishment?’

After countless hours, I opened the right door. Why? Just randomly. And then I became confused. There was nothing in there. Nothing, a total darkness. I closed the door with angry. ‘Is this some kind of a game?’ I thought. Then, I opened the left door.

There was an illuminated long room, so long that I couldn’t see the other side. I decided to enter in that one (after all, better light than darkness, am I right?). I walked and ran for hours and hours. I couldn’t get to anywhere. I stopped, tired, and sat on the floor. From both the sides there was only the eternity. No more doors, only the eternity… then, the voice returned and we started the last conversation of my life:

“Mr. Freeman, you chose wrong.”

“What?! There was nothing in the other door, only darkness!”

“Exactly, Mr. Freeman. The darkness of the outside. You see, it’s night right now.”

“Are you telling me that that door led to the exit?”

“Exactly, Mr. Freeman. But you chose what you can see. Your entire life was based in your eyes. That’s why, when your family turned ugly after the fire in your house, you chose to kill them instead of help them.”

“I… I…”

“You had your chance. Now, Mr. Freeman, run.”


“Because they are coming.”


“The creatures from the outside.”