The Story of the New Camp

Disclaimer: Everything written is not true. I just think of it.

The night of the… thing, I was walking with my friends to a new local camping ground. I seen it online and on signs. It was beautiful at first. We all knew of a spot that was considered haunted from the last camping ground, so we rented that for the weekend. We all packed and went there. As we were setting up the tents Becca and I went and grabbed some sticks.

“Did you grab the marshmallows?” she said. I replied, “Yeah of course why would I not?” She shrugged and walked away. We went back the tents were all up and the sun was setting. We all got tent buddies since we only had 3 tents and there were 6 of us. I was with Lauren. She is my best friend we known each other for a very long time. We cooked marshmallows went to our tents and “slept”. Lauren and I went and waited until everyone else was asleep then grabbed our jackets. Every thing did not seem right. At the time though we did not care.


We hear something on the left of us. Everyone came out the tents and yelled at us thinking we did something. “We did not do anything!” We both yelled they did not seem to believe us. Then all of a sudden.


We all scream.


All around us were loud thunder like noises. We read that no storms were going to happen tonight. “Is that a kid?” Jack said while quivering in fear. “Uhm… I see more than one,” whispered Timothy. We all stood still. These children did not look normal. They have huge red bloodshot eyes yet the pupils are very small. We heard a shriek from Fiona. The rest of us all turned and seen children surrounding her. They grabbed her and I seen something I should have never seen. No one should see was we all witnessed that day. A child grabbed her by her ear grabbed her jaw then… ripped it straight off her face and she… she became a child somehow. Her body on the floor, blood pouring from where her jaw should be, and a child crawling out her wounds.

Jack went in his tent grabbed his baseball bat and tried to hit the kids, but is just went through them, screaming behind him. Becca and Lauren ran around searching for a phone to call the police. Jack then held the bat and slapped Timothy in the head with it and did not stop until the child Timothy came and broke Jacks neck.

Becca found a phone and tried to call but there was no signal. Becca grew frantic and grabbed a stick that we sharpened for marshmallows and tried to stab a child that was on Lauren but stabbed her stomach instead. I then realized the car keys were in Jack and Becca’s tent and grabbed it, jumped in the car with Lauren. Becca sat in the back seat crying about hurting her friend and watching the deaths of other friends.

I drove to the camp gift shop and broke into it. Called the cops and they came in 10 minutes which was just in time. Lauren lived but sadly Becca went to prison because she tried to murder a child that was trick or treating and had red contacts in. Everyday Lauren and I go to therapy which helped a lot. That camp spot is no longer open and paranormal experts go there but some quit after seeing what we seen.


    Oh… Boy…,