The Story of David Mayor – PART 1

Hello Readers! This is my first Creepypasta. I hope you enjoy it and I would love to accept any feedback or comment on this article which would help me make  my stories better.

I am David Mayor, 30 years old, living in New York. I have been working as a call operator in NYPD since last 5 years but this one call conversation I had with a person on 911 emergency call was terrifying.

I work in Night Hours ( ie – 9PM to 6AM). So approximately at 1:45 AM I received a call from Emily. As soon as I received the call I could hear the heavy breathing of a girl. I asked “Hello ma’am this is NYPD, what’s your emergency”. There was no answer till 5 minutes and all I could hear was heavy breathing. Then a shrill voice answered the call saying “Someone followed me and my brother home from school”. I asked Have you seen this person before? No, can you please send help she said and gulped her spit. I asked where are you now ? She answered “I’m in the living room looking out the front window, the tall man is scaring us.”

She started crying and then I decided to send the nearest police units to her location. But it would still take 10 minutes to reach them to her house so I had to keep on the conversation in order to help her by any means. So I asked what is he doing? She replied ” He is standing behind a tree and staring at us. He is really very tall and I’m so scared” Then next what I heard was a static for 10 seconds after which a sound popped in a robotic voice saying “THEY BELONG TO ME” and suddenly something fell. As we were having the conversation in a low-tone, that noise of something falling gave me a jump scare! I asked “What happened ma’am? Are you alright ? ”

She said Lights went out and she was literally very scared. After that she said “Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god” and then she was breathing so heavily as if someone would breathe after sprinting a mile. I again said “Help is on the way ma’am” but no one replied. After a minute or so she said ” He is ….. He is looking at me. He has no face and is all dark. His face is gone.” I was shocked and told her to Calm down. I thought it would be a mask on his face. But again she in a low tone voice said that He is coming. ” He is coming slowly and is very very tall.”

I had to support her and keep her fear out so I said ” Don’t worry ma’am, as long as he is outside and you’re inside nothing will happen” And then I asked to describe him to me. She said : ” HE HAS A SUIT ON AND A  TIE. HE IS VERY TALL, HE HAS LONG ARMS, HE’S BALD AND IS MAKING THE NOISE OF AN ANGRY DOG. I’M SCARED. HE IS COMING TOWARDS ME. WHEN ARE YOU COMING?” I said I’ll be there in 5 minutes. I want you to be brave at this moment, I am here on the line with you don’t worry. And then I asked how is your brother doing?

“He is not doing anything. He is acting strange. He’s starring at me and he does not even seem scarred. He’s not saying anything” She seemed to get a normal breathing and relaxed when I diverted the topic to her brother and so I asked even more ” How old is he ? What is his name ?” SEVEN and BRADLEY she replied. But suddenly she again started to breathe heavily and said ” HE IS IN FRONT OF THE WINDOW, FACING ME “. Now this thing turned so serious so I told her ” Back away from the window, get your brother, go into the restroom. and lock the door” and again the jump scare noise of window cracking was heard and she screamed in such a high pitch that I had to remove my operating headphone but again after the scream I plugged it in. I could here her crying and running up the stairs with her brother and smashing of the closet door.

“Young Lady, Hello? ( Pause ) Hello ? ( No answer) ? Are you there ?” All I can here was the man climbing up the stairs slowly with his shoes making sound. I tried to keep on telling her to be brave and techniques for self-defense but no. All I could hear the now is the man opening the door of the room, the room clock ticking and the weird silence. Emily then replied in a monotonic way: “I’m fine now. I’m not scared anymore, the tall man just wants to play. He’s my friend” I heard a static right after when I asked her ” WHERE IS HE ?”.


” How do you know my daughters…. How do you know my daughter’s name?” I asked so terrified and my shirt was all sweaty. ” GOODBYE” he said (Hello ? Hello ? I kept on saying). Now I could here the police sirens but all it happened was  the phone banged and the call was disconnected.



  • SuperDemonKiller

    This was a great post for a newbie, Looking forward to the second part

    • Jay

      Thank you@superdemonkiller:disqus . You will be notified on the release of second part.

  • Bob C*****g

    It was pretty good, keep improving and you’ll get up there

  • Allij

    I am pretty sure I have read this story before, near enough word for word… Will be interesting to read part 2..

  • Ellpa Elgae

    I don’t know. At first, it was pretty scary when (s)he was getting the call from the girl and she was talking about the man, but then he got inside and it got a little boring for me. A few tips, use quotation marks, or talking hands, when someone says something, your grammar was a little off too, and the caps were pretty intense. Other than those things, I guess your story could be improved with a little work. I’ll be sure to read Part 2.

    • Jay

      Thank You @Ellpa Elgae for your tips. That would really help me writing my further stories.

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    Good story, looking forward to part2

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  • Mauli Bhadresh Kapasi

    its a gr8 story full of suspense, nice command over language, capacity to hold reader till the end, but feel very sudden end. superb effort keep it up

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    Thank You @Unboblievable:disqus .

  • Jay

    Yes this story is extracted from a real incident but the coming parts would be purely fiction.

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    Oh hey, another SlenderMan story… Yay?