The Stalker Game

I had heard of the game before, but I never believed in the actual powers of the game. It was very simple.

“Goal of the stalker game: The goal of the stalker game is to see the stalker that is watching all of us. Once you start the game, you can’t go back. The stalker should look different for everyone. It can change to what scares you most.

What will you need to play?

1.) A Light of some kind (A flashlight works, but I always recommend a classic candle for ambiance.)

2.) Masks for each player.

3.) A phone.

Rules for The Stalker Game:

1.) If it can be avoided, do not play this game alone. You more than likely won’t get a good end.

2.) At least 1 door and 2 windows must be in view at all times!

3.) You must begin the game at 10:00 P.M. exactly.

4.) To start the game, you must call out your worst fear three times in a dark room.

5.) After you call out your fears, turn on the flashlight (or candle.)

6.) Explore your house, but make sure 1 door and 2 windows are in sight.

7.) When you want to end the game, put the mask on and call out 3 times “If you don’t leave, I will call the police,” since this creature is a stalker they will retreat for the time being. But like I said, once you start the game you can’t go back.

8.) After you call that out, turn on every light in sight and shut the blinds on every window. You have survived The Stalker Game.

(Warning: If you do this game alone, or break any of the rules, you may be taken by The Stalker. Beware.)

If the game works, you should see or hear it at some point. This creature will follow you for the rest of your days, so that shadow out of the corner of your eye? That might be the stalker.

Have fun playing the stalker game.

I laughed with my friends after reading it over and we decided to play. Bad idea. We started the game by calling out our worst fears in the dark. What an absolute great way to start a game. My friend Bethany went first.

“Clowns, Clowns, Clowns.” She shivered.

I mentally thought, “Wow Bethany is really scared of clowns…”

Laney went next, “Darkness, Darkness, Darkness,” man this game was shaping up to be really creepy. It was my turn as I closed my eyes and spoke “Abandonment, Abandonment, Abandonment.”

When I opened my eyes they were gone. My friends had disappeared. My hands shaking, I tried to turn on my flashlight. But to no avail.

I heard a scream come from my living room, it sounded like Laney. I ran into my living room and then remembered on if the rules. “Always have 1 door and 2 windows in sight at all times.”

I stopped dead in my tracks and looked around, finally getting my flashlight to work, and saw my bedroom door and the two large sliding kitchen door windows.

I realized we could all stop the game by doing what the rules told us. I screamed out to my friends “Put on the masks and get out your phones!”

I realized in that moment I had neither of them. I mumbled something to my self and then I saw Bethany crying sprawled out on the floor at my feet.

“Bethany? Stand up I got you sweet heart.” I extended my arm out to her and she looked me straight in the eye and said “Hell is real.”

She suddenly was dragged away into the darkness as I fell on my b**t, left alone again. I looked up and saw it. I saw the stalker. He was a disgusting grey color, his skin was peeling off. He was so tall and lanky that his legs were half of his body. He had jagged teeth and a very wide jaw that was dripping saliva. His tongue was long and disturbing and he had claw like hands. That image will forever be burned into my head and that is the last thing I remember from that night.

I remember waking up to a practical crime scene and seeing two body bags. My friends died that night and I was taken to court. They thought I was a murderer. They showed me pictures of my friends after death and they both had something carved into their stomachs. Laney had “Darkness” and Bethany had “Clowns”. I puked in the court room in the bucket to my left and again insisted I hadn’t don’t it.

I knew the truth, I didn’t kill them. They ended the case with this sentence for me. “Not guilty by means of insanity” I’m not insane. What I saw that night was real. I stayed in a mental hospital for 20 years before getting out and discovering a forum that I could post my story to. If you ever think you want to play this game, think again.

  • Nichole Gregory

    How creepy do you think this story is lol

  • Cynthia

    Very good.

  • Paul Kramer

    Good story, I am becoming a real fan of your work