The Slime Face

Hi my name is Tyson, I am gonna tell you today how I’ve met “Slime Face”. So I was with Mark, my best friend, going to the park for an evening walk. We were talking about school and some scary stories while walking, then Mark just got bored and told me to go to his house so that we can play some games while it’s 7. So we went to his house, while going there, we went on a shortcut where Mark goes every he was going home from school, I ask if it is safe going there, and Mark said it is safe so we take the shortcut. It was a pitch black forest where they say many insects there.

So going there, I felt uncomfortable, I feel like someone is watching us on the dark corner in the forest. I told mark if he felt uncomfortable, the time when I saw his face I can see that he was scared. So we stopped for a minute, to hear someones breathing sound but it was a dead sound like nothing we can hear even the birds wings sound when flying. Until we heard a stick got stomped by someone’s feet, we run like hell until we saw a light from the house of mark. We were relieved when steeping out of the dark forest.

We went inside, we locked the door and went to the living room where his parents were, Mark’s parents told us what is going on, and mark told them that we felt someone is following us in the forest, Mark’s parents just told us that we just panic for the dead silent. So we said to ourselves that to forget what happen, then we play Minecraft in mark’s Xbox, we played many games but the main game we played is the Minecraft. So mark told me that there was a haunted world where Herobrine’s sighting, then we play the world but there was no Herobrine appearance. After playing Minecraft we went to mark’s bed and sleep. There was a big bed that can fit for to people, so we called it a night. I was sleeping until a sound of tiny rock hitting the window woke me up, I was scared but I thought that my mind is playing with me, so I went back to sleep until the same sound occurred.

I was scared cause I was awake and not tired, I tried to ignore it while hidden under the blanket, the sound gone rapid like the glass almost broke, then the sound just stopped. I peeked a little and saw the window was open, I almost freaked out, so I woke mark about the window was open, then mark stand up and shut the window close. So I said to myself that everything is ok, I went back to sleep, until a sound of someone calling me in the closet. I tried to peek a little, then my hair in my hands and legs stand up seeing the persons appearance, he had a blue jacket with a mask of slime with a smile face crying painted on the mask. I was so scared I can’t even speak, then he told me “Go To Sleep my CHILD” in a soft voice, and knew he was going to attack me, but I don’t know if this a miracle or not mark’s father come to check if we are asleep, then The Slime Face just go outside through the window and vanished in the forest. And that is the last time I ever see the slime Face in real life.

  • IronMosquito

    Im assuming you’re either 12 or English isn’t your first language…
    It was poorly written with lots of mistakes. It was hard to follow. You should try to improve your writing skills, then try again.
    It could be really interesting if it was written better. Try again later, I guess.