The Quarry

As a kid (and even now) I love collecting Rocks. As I got older and a bit “soggy” around the midsection I started taking walks around my local area and whenever I’d stumble across a Rock that I thought was pretty I’d pick it up.

One evening I decided to check out the old abandoned Granite Quarry a few towns over. Granite is an igneous rock that is very popularly used in countertops. It is usually harvested in huge granular slabs the polished and sold to consumers. Being an Igneous rock it often carries other minerals from deep in the Earth with it along with my favorite Iron Pyrite or Fool’s gold. During one excursion to the Quarry I happened upon several nuggets of Pyrite sitting in a slag pile. With trowel in hand I began to dig deeper in hoping to find more when I heard a lowing echoing around me. The noise sounded like that of a Moose but deeper and more prominent.

I scan my immediate vicinity but with coming Twilight find it hard to pinpoint the source. Pulling my keys out of my pocket I turn on my Keychain flashlight and that’s when I see… something. It was a large human like creature about Seven feet Tall covered with dark grey hair and an almost olive colored face. Its amber-colored eyes glared at me as if to shout “You have trespassed in MY territory!” I immediately packed up my stuff and left.

A few weeks later I decided to return to see if I could catch another glimpse of whatever it was but it never showed itself. I did feel eyes on me but if it was there it was keeping hidden.

  • Matthew Higley

    I felt like the descriptions were a little flat. Rather than just telling us what minerals are there, why not describe them so we can create a full mental image without consulting wikipedia? Also the monster was kind of a two sentence blip. I understand turning around and suddenly seeing Bigfoot would be shocking, but we can’t really feel that shock as readers unless you take some time to build tension.

    Your narrator should feel like they’re being watched before the monster shows up; not just after. As it is, the whole thing registers as humorous to me: narrator turns around, sees a sasquatch quietly standing there. “Oh, didn’t see you there!” Leaves, returns, feels like they’re being watched be can’t find it again. “Don’t be shy, fellah!”

    I know I’m sounding harsh but I really am trying to be constructive here. On the positive side, I solute you for trying to feature Bigfoot in a creepypasta. It’s a bit of a reach, but it does show courage in making the attempt. You just need to work on putting us more in the experience and you’ll be golden.