The Pianist

In the 1950’s, a man who was married and had two children had a perfect life. He went to the university of Paris and received a master’s degree in history and worked as a teacher in a local school. One day the wife of the man,Luara had planned a visit with her two obedient children to visit her parents. The man decided not to come as he had work to do, exams to correct and time to have peace and quiet.

Two days after Laura had left, the man had decided to go on a walk to get fresh air. He was walking in one direction with his head tilted down as if he was depressed. He kept walking and could hear something in the distance… A sound. The soothing sound of piano keys being pressed to make beautiful noise But he was unable to figure out where it was coming from. Suddenly the sound kept getting louder and louder closer and closer until he saw at the corner of his eye a figure who looked like a child playing the piano but couldn’t make out the gender or who it was as the it was facing the other way and was covered in fully black clothes like an actual pianist. The man was confused because he didn’t hear any piano or see any person before and thought he might have ignored it due to the stress from his work. He couldn’t believe there was a pianist in the middle of road and suddenly decided to shake his head. He looked back and it was gone.

When he turned he noticed the pianist was gone and no music could be heard. The man thought he was hallucinating and decided to rush home.

After a while he decided to have his dinner and has convinced he wasn’t thinking straight. He reminds himself that as a child he used to play the piano with his favourite teddy bear , Richard. The boy had to give up Richard because his parents said they had TRAMAUTIC EXPERIENCES with Richard and told the boy that he must go because he was a bad bear. The man headed up to his bedroom to close the curtains and as he was, the man noticed that a figure who looked like a human was playing the piano just outside his house on the porch, this time louder. Suddenly the anonymous figure turned his head but has soon has it made movement the man closed the curtains in response to fear. When man turned his head away from the window he saw a piano with the figure in his bedroom a metre away…. It turned slowly and looked at him, it was his 7-year-old self with the face of a teddy bear. The man instantly lost balance and fell behind him while his eyes gazed wide open. The figure said “hello old friend I’ve missed you ,shall we play ?”.

Two weeks later Laura came home and opened the door to the house and said “I’m home !” When Laura was looking for her husband she could hear the keys of a piano being played from upstairs and she went up there along with the kids and found that the sound was coming from the bedroom. She decides to open the door and found the man staring at her ….. He said “hello Laura , I’ve missed you, shall we play?”

The end.

  • Me Valero

    That’s kinda weird