The Person in the Well

I was scrolling Facebook on my MacBook when I got this notification on my phone. It was an amber alert. “Tornado Watch for Orange County” I got up, still in my pajamas since I only woke up 4 minutes before that. I gathered my Tornado safety supplies, and went back into my room. I set them down on my bed and went back to scrolling.

About 20 minutes after the amber alert, I opened a new tab on MacBook. Instead of the regular white screen I get, it just popped up a link. I decided, since I had friends over the previous day, they messed around with my computer. I tried to shrug it off, but I couldn’t stop wondering what was in that link.

Opened another tab, since I used the other one for YouTube. The same link was there. I clicked on it and it sent me to a website. In big, bold white letters it read “The Girl in the Well.” I was very weirded out, since the only thing that popped up was a video. I watched it, and it was similar to the video for The Ring. Only, it wasn’t. Does that make sense? Probably not. But it had this adorable little girl, looking about 4-5 playing next to this stone well.

She got up, and walked towards this older girl, who looked a bit like her. I assumed it was her mom. She handed her a toy, and went over to the well. The mother just sat there on her phone. The little girl climbed onto it, and said, “Mommy! Watch this!” As she was walking around it. “That’s cool sweetie be careful,” she said, still looking at her phone.

In the next scene, it showed her screaming as she fell. I sat there, enraged. Her mother ignored the scream, and walked off. It cut to the girl in the well. She was crying, clutching her leg. I thought of it as her leg was broken. It zoomed out and cut to a black screen, displaying a date. “June 7th, 2016”

  • Audra Hawthorne

    And? Be better if the reader knew the significance of the date. Like was this written that day,or before,……? I mean whats the big deal??