The Nightseeker

You’re sleeping alone, in the dark, the house in silence. Your parents are at work so you have the house alone. While you’re sleeping, you’re dreaming. Dreaming about how there will be nothing but calmness or no violence in the world. You open your hazel bright eyes, seeing nothing but darkness in your room. You suddenly hear a loud clap of thunder, you jump a little bit. You decided to get up and go to your bathroom. You walk into the bathroom and turned on the light, you feel like you’re blind. ‘I wish mom and dad would come home any minute now. I’m getting kinda lonely without them.’ You check your face to see if your had spit on your face. You wash your face and went downstairs.

You turn on the TV and decided to watch some news. You hear on the news a woman speaking to the screen, “Now on the news, recently, there has been a nightseeker on the streets. It happens to carry a large knife and a few people have been murdered by this nightseeker, but none of the police has caught this person.” You seem a little worried then you smack your lips and say, “Wow, that’s so fake! Maybe they wanted to do that for att-” You hear a crash in the kitchen. Sounds like a plate smashing on the ground. You jump and turn to the kitchen. You ask who’s there…but no response. You walk slowly to the bat, being cautious of danger or the “nightseeker’s” attacks. You walk slowly to the kitchen. Luckily you play baseball at school and the captain’s leader of the team.

You look into the darkness, but you don’t see anything, but you feel like someone’s in the darkness, breathing and staring at you. You blink a few times, trying to clear your eyes. Suddenly, the lightning strikes down and makes a light blue glow, as it’s glowing, you see a little girl. Looks like she’s 9 and looks like she has long hair. You get scared and back up a few steps. As the lightning fades, you turn on the kitchen light, burning your eyes but trying to fight it, you don’t see her anymore. You think it’s your imagination and you continue to watching TV. You seem to be worried about this, and pick up the phone to call your mom. You dial her number, you were praying for it to pick it up, but no answer. You slam the phone back to its place and continue watching the news. “As we try to solve these mysterious murders,” said the news lady, “we have a caller on hold, she’s going to try and locate this nightseeker,” the news lady put the caller on, she seems excited to actually find this person so it would stop killing people around town.

“Okay, sweetie, you’re on. Now tell me, do you know where this nightseeker is?” A little girl answered, “Yes.” “Well, why don’t you tell us?” “Okay…” the little girl on the phone replied in a frighted tone, “Well, I saw the nightseeker earlier, and this person was holding a baseball bat, staring at me,” You stopped and your heart sank as she continued, “and she was scary looking. Like she wanted to bash my head in.” You hear muffling upstairs, you tried to ignore it, but you grew curiosity and went upstairs. The voice grew louder and louder. Your heart, pounding out of your chest, grew louder and louder that you could hear it through your ears. You walk into your room and see a girl next to your nightstand, holding the phone, and talking into it. She looks up and you see the most saddest fear in her face, like she’s traumatized when she first found her parents dead in a car crash. She says into the phone, “She’s here.”

Author’s Note: Hey guys! I hope you liked my story, it took my a few hours to actually type all of this. This isn’t real by the way, I just had something in mind and I decided to just kinda, HAD TO MAKE THIS!! Well, enjoy this and my series. Series- STitCHeS. Rate 5 stars for part 3!! Thanks! Oh and btw thanks for the comments on STitCHeS part 1 & 2! For some reason, I can’t reply on them… So… I wanted to say thanks!! Part 3 will come soon! Promise!!

  • Amber Izer

    This was an interesting story. Your grammar could use some work. That will help the reader flow through the story better. It was interesting that you chose to put your reader into the story rather than yourself or a fictitious person. All in all, not bad at all. Keep going.

    • DeadCry3232

      Well thanks! My vocabulary may be kind of…troubling…but I have a lot of things going on in my head and it’s really aggravating just to focus on two things ((school and the series)) at once. But luckily I have ELA to help me. 😀 But trust me, everything is going to work out fine. Unless I get grounded for my grades b//c it has to be a 75 and above to be like, not grounded. But if I get grounded, then I will alert all of the readers that I won’t be online for about…9 weeks or so, or until I get my grades up. But other than that thanks.

    • DeadCry3232

      Lol thanks. I may have a few hard times doing grammar and vocabulary and all, but I got all this from my family and stuff. xD