The Monster

I’ve been here awhile now I’m not sure how long exactly how long but it’s been at least a year. It’s worse than hell down here, satan himself cringes when he checks in on me. She helps though, she hasn’t been here as long as I have. I was here for about 2 or three months before she came in. That was the only time he ever opened the door. This is a room with no light just the door, what feels like gravel on the ground, the dirt walls and the window he uses to watch us constantly.

He slips us airheads and hard candy through the slot in the door, there’s no beds and we are kept together just me and her.

Usually we don’t talk much just cry and hold each other but I did manage to get her to tell me the last thing she remembered was her car being hit and rolling then she woke up next to me I’m the dark. His room is the only thing we can see and it’s always too dark to see into you can just barely make his shape out and his eyes, oh God his eyes there dead and cold almost wooden looking and he just stands perfectly still watching. Every once and a while his room will go dark that when he feeds us we get water from the dripping ceiling. He never does anything to us he never opens the door or talks, just stares. He wears a grayish brown fedora and a grayish brown trench coat.

Every once and awhile we hear cars overhead we used to try and scream for help but we have up long ago. I can only assume we’re underground. I used to work human resources, I had a wife and kids but they were taken from me. One night when I was walking home from work I decided to take a shortcut through the park when I blacked out, I don’t remember getting hit or seeing anybody I just kinda blacked out an woke up here in this cell. Her name was Samantha I called her sam. Sam and me used to try to think of any way to get out of here but there isn’t the door is locked and the window must be bullet proof or something.

Now we just hold each other shaking and crying, eating and sleeping. Sam had a deal job at some big corporation her job was to do basically anything that needed to be done like filing and hiring and teaching new employees. She laughed when I told her I was head of H.R. Because the guy at her place was a total dork, she said she have him a lot of shot but she didn’t mean anything by it and always kinda liked the guy. We don’t know why but the cell always smells like 3 rotting corpses. After awhile we were able to get used to it but when I first got here there wasn’t a day I woke up and didn’t throw up first thing because of the putrid stench, when same was brought in she reminded me it was there and we were both throwing up every morning. The cells a 12 foot square so we try not to just lay around we don’t want our muscles to atrophy.

We do push ups and jumping jacks and sometimes laps but we don’t want to move around too much because we think we’ve stepped in the corpses a few times but it could just be mud from the dripping ceiling. Sam when she’s in the talking mood it’s always about her family her kids her husband who probably think she’s dead and have moved on by now and that makes her cry harder than anything else she remembers about her life. Sam doesn’t get why anyone would do this to somebody just leave them down here to rot and not do anything to them or talk to them. then It happened one day the man he left the slot in the door unlocked by accident but my hands were too big to fit through, Sam tried but couldn’t reach the lock to the door, then she got an idea she told me I had to dislocate her arm then she could reach it and we could get out. I told her no I… I… I couldn’t do that to her.

She cried and screamed and hit me. Truth be told we never tried the door slot before it must have slipped our mind but it didn’t matter anyway. After a few hours he came by again and slipped us more food and again he didn’t lock it and because it was left open we could her the faint sound of a motor like something was being wheeled past us. Sam cried and screamed and hit and kicked and bit me till I finally agreed to dislocate her arm.

I grabbed her by the shoulder and the wrist and bent her arm back with a ranking twisting motion until I felt it and heard it along along with her wailing scream of agony. She slipped her hand through the slot and was just barely able to reach the lever but was unable to pull it her arm wasn’t strong enough like that, so I had to hold her by the arm and tank it back breaking it more. She screamed louder this time and started crying. with my help she barely managed to get her mangled shaking arm back through the door and pushed it open. It was just a dead end to the left and to the right at the end of the hall were stairs and a few feet in front of our door was his door to his room.

We heard his motorized whatever it was coming straight for us from a hall we didn’t notice until we heard him coming. The only place to go was his room so with no other options we ran in and shut the door there was a dangling string when I pulled it and a light flicked on illuminating him we both screamed and were unable to move but he did nothing he didn’t even turn around he just stared at the room he’d kept us in. We heard the motorized wheels go past and ran out heading for the stairs and made it out through the hatch. We were in a forest about 70ft below the surface and when we exited we were in sight of the road. But in the light Sam saw the dirt and the form clothing and the blood, but it didn’t bother her because she was covered in all those things too. Then she stared directly into my eyes being able to see them for the first time in the light of the afternoon sun.

What she saw terrified her to end we exchanged a knowing look and she ran as fast as she could away from me, I thought it’d be best not to follow her she knows my secret. I walked off in the other direction. I’m sure Sam brought the police to the hatch but all they found was tons of non perishable candy and a coat rack with the bulbs for the hat positioned to look like eyes and three bodies one adult female and two children twins, I’m still on the run…

  • Ellie Holt

    The idea is decent, but there are a lot of grammatical errors. Needs some editing. 3/5.

  • Alissa Isley

    There’s a few mistakes overall its pretty decent but…..when you said ‘three corpses’ it was a little to obvious I would have suggested just saying corpses

  • Burlierbard

    Several writing mistakes and the ending was rushed. 3 out of 5 stars

  • Brooke Williams

    Amazing story, but I think you need to fix some Grammer mistakes.😁