The Monster Under My Bed

There was one unused room in my house that was really creepy. The walls had stain all over them and a strong disgusting smell. But, guess what? I had to move to that room because my grandmother came to spend the time in our house for at least one week, so she took my room.

I would always hear these weird noises from the creepy room and then I would always hide under my sheet because I could hear footsteps of someone entering my room. As usual, my mother cleaned up the room and the disgusting smell was not there anymore and of course the  stains from the walls were removed.

It was night time, and it was my time to go to sleep. I was so scared to go to that room because that was the room where the most weird noises came from. So, my mother took me to that room and put me on the bed with sheets on. She wished me good night and then she switched off the lights.

It was pitch black, I couldn’t even see a single thing. But, still I decided to close my eyes and go to sleep. Something woke me up at exactly 3 A.M. I was getting that disgusting smell again, suddenly the bed started moving and I saw a huge creature coming out. I hid under my sheet, I could feel that creature watching me. I managed to close my eyes and I drifted off to sleep.

I woke up again and saw the time, it was 9 A.M. I was relieved as it wasn’t 3 A.M anymore and that creature was not there. I tried to tell my mom, but she wouldn’t believe me.

I went to my bathroom and I saw that there was something written on the mirror, I read it and it said ‘Get ready! Because you are coming with me to the monster world’. Maybe there is a hole under my bed which allows other monsters to enter our world? But, the sad thing is that I only have time till tomorrow and there is no way I can get away from this.

  • Daniel Di Benedetto

    The writing was quite choppy, and made reading the story difficult. It seems as if you wrote this down on a phone or a speech-to-text app, then posted it without giving it a second look-over. It’s important to scan through your work for errors before posting. Also, why did the monster even show up to the main character? If he planned on kidnapping the narrator, why not just do it then? Writing his intention on the mirror instead just seems so awkward. That whole scene is essentially one trope (a monster under the bed) promptly jumping to another trope (ominous writing on the mirror) without any rhyme or reason. I’m not trying to be cruel; I’m just suggesting that you take more pride in your writing and present it as close to error-free as possible, while also delivering a well-thought-out story.

    • Rose Morrison

      Agreed. Poor grammar, poor plotline, poor storyline. An edit and adding some substance to this piece would greatly improve it. Please keep writing.

  • jay